Microsoft SQL servers hacked in TargetCompany ransomware assaults

Prone Microsoft SQL web servers are being targeted in a new age of attacks with FARGO ransomware, protection researchers are warning. MS-SQL servers are database management systems holding information for internet services and also apps. Disrupting them can create extreme business problem. BleepingComputer has reported comparable attacks in February, going down Cobalt Strike signs, and … Read more

Guide to GPS Fleet Management Software : The Functionality for Your business

Global Positioning System (GPS) fleet management software is a tool that helps fleet managers track, monitor, and optimize the performance of their vehicles. The software uses GPS data to provide real-time insights into vehicle location, speed, and other key performance indicators. This information can help fleet managers to improve routing, dispatch, and maintenance operations.   … Read more

HR Software And Its Uses

HR software is a digital solution that combines a number of systems and procedures to manage and optimize ongoing HR operations as well as the overall HR objectives of a specific firm. Your organization can best manage its talent, ensuring employee satisfaction and boosting productivity, by choosing an up-to-date HR software solution that integrates seamlessly … Read more

Types and Benefits of Data Analytics

Data analytics is becoming a crucial statistical maneuver in business enterprises. Data analytics is the science of examining data for trends and conclusions. It mainly involves applying statistical analysis and technologies to specific data to find trends and solve inherent business problems. With the increased desire for ethical problem-solving methods, data analytics is becoming a … Read more

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