How To Unhide A Song On Spotify? 

By Juliet D'cruz

If you are searching for a way for how to unhide a song on Spotify as your favorite song is not visible. Then for you, I have a great solution that will help you a lot. You will be able to unhide and play that favorite song back. I will explain what things and steps you will need to follow for how to unhide a liked song on Spotify that you want to play. Without making any time delay let us move further with today’s article on how to unhide a song on Spotify.

How To Unhide A Song On Spotify?

Here is the common method that will help you with how to unhide a song on Spotify. So we discuss the steps in the following.

  1. Open your device
  2. Go to the browser
  3. Open the Spotify Web player
  4. Log in with your personal credentials
  5. Now Click on the down arrow gear icon on the top right corner
  6. Open Spotify Settings
  7. Go to Display Options
  8. Click on the toggle button where Show Unavailable Songs in Playlists is written
  9. You will get the option of hiding and unhiding on the playlist of Spotify
  10. You can select the song and unhide it

These steps on how to find hidden songs Spotify playlists are common. However, sometimes settings are different as in android and iOS devices. So let us see about them below and do not miss any important information.

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How To Unhide A Song On Spotify Mobile For Android?

Below are the methods for how to unhide songs on Spotify app android smartphones. I will tell you about unhiding playlists of Spotify on Android devices. Please read it carefully.

  1. Open your android device
  2. Go to the Spotify application and open it
  3. Tap on the Gear icon on the top right side
  4. Go to the Settings
  5. Select the Playback Settings
  6. Tap the toggle button to turn on the Show unplayable songs
  7. Save the Changes of Spotify unplayable songs
  8. Return to the Home page
  9. Tap on the hide and unhide button on the songs that are hidden
  10. The hidden song will be visible

If you have iPhone then I have mentioned how to unhide a songs on Spotify free on iOS devices for you in the following. Let us have a look at them.

How To Unhide A Song On Spotify App iPhone Mobiles?

The different steps that will be helpful for you to unhide song on Spotify in your iOS devices are as follows. Perform these steps so that you will be able to view your favorite songs back.

  1. Unlock and open your iPhone
  2. Navigate to the Spotify app and launch it
  3. Tap on the Gear icon symbol on the upper right side
  4. Navigate to the Settings menu.
  5. Choose Playback Options.
  6. Turn off the Hide unplayable songs toggle button.
  7. Save unplayable songs on Spotify by applying changes
  8. Go back to the Home Page
  9. View playlist songs, tap unhide button
  10. The hidden songs tunes will be visible

We saw about how to unhide a song on Spotifyiphone in the above. However, what to do if you mistakenly hide song Spotify desktop app. So let us see about it further.

How To Unhide A Song On Spotify PC?

Solution for the Spotify hide song not working in your computer. To unhide and play it on your Spotify desktop let us begin to read about how to unhide a song on Spotify in the following.

  1. Open your PC or laptop
  2. Launch the web browser
  3. Search and Open Spotify website
  4. Sign in with your credentials
  5. Go to the gear icon in right side top corner
  6. Open the Spotify settings
  7. Go to Display Options
  8. Turn on Show Unavailable Songs in Playlists
  9. Return to the home page of the playlist
  10. Click on the Hide/Unhide toggle button
  11. Select the Unhide option for Spotify hidden songs still play

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How Do You Unblock Songs On Spotify 2022?

In the list view of the playlist or radio station of the blocked track, look for its name grayed out. If you see it, you’ll also see a red “no” symbol next to it. Tap that, and it’s unblocked.

Can You Permanently Hide A Songs On Spotify?

Once you’ve located a song you want to hide in a pre-generated playlist, tap the three-dots icon next to the song. In the menu for that song, select the Hide this song option. Alternatively, if you’re in a playlist you’ve created yourself, tap the Remove from playlist option instead.

What Happens When You Hide A Song In Spotify Blend?

If you seem to not like a song on the Spotify-suggested Blend playlist, you may not be able to remove it, but you can hide it. Reach the song you want to hide and tap the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) next to it. Now, choose ‘Hide this song’ from the upcoming menu. The song will blur a little once it is hidden.

What Does It Mean To Blend In Spotify?

Blend allows up to 10 users in one group to create shared playlists that merge their latest music tastes and it updates daily according to your listening habits.

Why Can’t I Unhide Songs On Spotify?

Most likely, a song on Spotify is marked hidden when it is not available anymore. Therefore, to unhide songs on Spotify, you can just go to your account settings and turn on the display of any unavailable content.

How Do I Unhide Songs On Spotify iPhone 2022?

How to unhide a song on Spotify

  1. In the Spotify app, open a playlist or an album that has the song you had previously hidden.
  2. Tap the three dots to the right of the song you want to unhide.
  3. Tap Hidden.

Is Spotify $15.99 A Month?

Family members living under one roof can enjoy up to 6 Premium accounts. Try 1 month free, only $15.99/month after. Terms and conditions apply. 1 month free not available for users who have already tried Premium.

Why Can’t I Unhide A Song On Spotify Mobile?

Open The Spotify App On Your Android, Iphone, Or Ipad.

When you’re using the mobile Spotify app, you can easily unhide any song from a playlist or album. Disable “Hide Unplayable Songs.” If this feature is enabled, you won’t be able to find your hidden or disliked songs.

Why Won’t My Spotify Let Me Unhide A Song?

Tap ‘Playback’ and go to ‘Hide Unplayable Songs. ‘ If the toggle next to this setting has been turned on, disable it, and all hidden songs should appear once again. Now it’s just a matter of going back to that playlist or album, scrolling to find the hidden song, and tapping ‘Unhide’ to make it playable once again.

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You understood the different steps on how to unhide a song on Spotify easily. I explained the methods for unhiding the songs from the Spotify playlists above. You are now knowing the process of unhiding the Spotify songs on android, iOS, and computer. Other than that you may also try to buy Spotify plays on WP Dev Shed. In this article, some of the frequently asked questions were also answered. Now you are not having any doubt about how to unhide a song on Spotify.