What Is ADC? Its Types, Working And Uses

What Is ADC? Its Types, Working And Uses

In today’s world is an analog world that means surrounded by digital devices so What is ADC? From simple smartwatches to computers to everything all the devices are digital. All of them have analog parameters. So now exactly what is ADC and we are talking about analog and digital devices. Let’s find out in the article below.

What Is ADC?

ADC means Analog to Digital Converter which means it converts the analog signals to digital signals. For example, ADC will pick the sound from the microphone and convert it into a digital signal.

An ADC will also give you a magnitude of the voltage or current of an electronic device. When the ADC is used it converts the analog to digital output in two binary numbers. These are proportional to the input but also has other possibilities. 

Types Of ADC

There are Six types of ADC electronics  which are mentioned below

  1. Flash ADC
  2. Counting or Slope Integration ADC
  3. Successive Approximation ADC (SAR)
  4. Delta Sigma ADC
  5. Dual Slope ADC
  6. Pipeline ADC

How Does ADCs Work?

The ADC circuit follows the sequence when it is converting signals from analog to digital

  • It samples the signal
  • Then it determines the resolution of the signal
  • After this it sets a binary value
  • Then finally sends these values to the system

Using An ADC IC?

You can find many ADC ICs in the market that can be used to measure the analogs. These ADCs are used with Raspberry pi like processors. Here are some of the features of an ADC IC that will give you an idea of using it.

  • I2C Compatibility
  • Power Consumption
  • Programmable Comparator
  • Configurable Inputs

Disadvantages Of ADC

Everything has pros and cons and so does ADCs. here are some of them mentioned.

  • They are slow 
  • It does not give continuous voltage values
  • The circuits become complexed

What Is ADC League Of Legends?

ADC in a league of legends means Attack Damage Carry in archaic terms. It indicates a champion that has dealt very strong damage, critical strike change, etc.

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How Does ADC Work What Are The ADC Types?

ADCs follow a sequence when converting analog signals to digital. They first sample the signal, then quantify it to determine the resolution of the signal, and finally set binary values and send it to the system to read the digital signal. Two important aspects of the ADC are its sampling rate and resolution.

What Are The Features Of ADC?


  • High resolution conversion possible (up to 18bit)
  • Since a clock cycle is required (resolution + α), conversion speed is moderate (10MHz max. sampling frequency)
  • Good response. Connecting a multiplexer to the the input makes it easy to switch analog signals.

Which Type Of Logic Is Used In ADC?

The SAR ADC a most modern ADC IC and much faster than dual slope and flash ADCs since it uses a digital logic that converges the analog input voltage to the closest value. This circuit consists of a comparator, output latches, successive approximation register (SAR), and D/A converter.

Which Is The Most Commonly Used ADC?

The most common types of ADCs are flash, successive approximation, and sigma-delta.

Which Type Of ADC Is Best?

When you want the accuracy from more sampling bits or really need the highest effective number of bits (ENOB), sigma-delta ADCs are usually the best choice, especially for low-noise precision applications.

What Is ADC And Its Working?

An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is used to convert an analog signal such as voltage to a digital form so that it can be read and processed by a microcontroller. Most microcontrollers nowadays have built-in ADC converters. It is also possible to connect an external ADC converter to any type of microcontroller.

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As you now know about ADCs are Analog To Digital Converter devices. They convert the analog signals to digital ones so that it easy and understandable by us. We are all surrounded by electronic devices. The above article must have solved all your queries about What Is ADC?  

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