Economic Injury Disaster Loans For Financial Assistance During COVID-19 Pandemic! 

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic left a huge financial impact on small businesses worldwide. Many businesses got shut down due to operational inefficiencies or lack of finances. In response, the US government launched economic injury disaster loan assistance for small businesses, including agricultural businesses and nonprofit organizations. The economic injury disaster loan options are primarily designed … Read more

BBA LLB & BA LLB Degree – Which One is Better?

BA LLB and BBA LLB are both 5-year integrated programs. In a Bachelor of Arts B.A. LL.B. program, students learn various associated subjects, apart from the law. Like, History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science. In BBA LLB too, subjects associated with law and its expertise are taught — like Human resources, ethical practices, business environment, strategic … Read more

How To Find the Best Mesothelioma Lawyers

Asbestos is considered to be one of the most commonly used insulators. Not so long ago, when asbestos was being used in manufacturing, companies knew about its potential to cause harm. Nonetheless, they kept that information hidden to protect their enterprises. As a result, there have been decades of legal cases related to asbestos-related injuries, … Read more

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