Signs You Might Need A Restraining Order In A Divorce 

By Berry Mathew

Abusive marriages often end in divorce. A marital relationship where one or both spouses are aggressive or violent with each other can harm the entire family. Most troubling relationships cause a lot of mental stress in people’s lives. Even worse, these experiences leave trauma in a person’s life, which they might find difficult to overcome. Although in some cases, the spouses decide to go to each other alone after the divorce, many abusive partners can harm their spouses even after the divorce. Living with a mentally unstable person can be risky for you and your kids. While they will try everything possible to keep you from reaching the authorities, you must take quick action. 

You might think getting a divorce from your spouse might be the safest thing to do. However, you must also file for a restraining order against them. Ensure to seek help from a divorce attorney in Columbus who is experienced and skilled at handling abusive marriage cases. 

Signs you might need a restraining order in a divorce. 

  • Your spouse is harassing you even after you tell them to stay away. 

Divorce is not taken quickly by spouses. While mutual divorce is done peacefully, situations where one spouse wants to dissolve the marriage and the other spouse can become toxic. 

The one on the receiving end might not take things well when the other party asks for a divorce. While they might come to the final decision to sign the divorce paper and go ahead with it, they cannot forget their past and move on. This might cause trouble. In my opinion, ex-spouses often show harassing behavior like stalking or constantly trying to contact the other. 

It might be manageable in the initial time, but after, you might get annoyed by such kind of behavior. In such a situation, you must file for a restraining order against your spouse and ensure they stop troubling you. 

Nevertheless, warn them before you do that, so it does not come as a shock. If they still do not change, take the step immediately. 

  • Your spouse tries to delete or disturb the assets. 

As mentioned earlier, getting a divorce can be a traumatic experience for some. While some confide in themselves in a vulnerable state, others might react unexpectedly. If your spouse is unhappy with divorce, they will try to make the procedure as difficult as possible for you. 

Some spouses try to manipulate, disturb, or dirty assets so their spouse does not get a fair share. You must call your lawyer and file a restraining order in such a situation.