Free Help With Personal Injury, A Good Idea Or Not?

By Berry Mathew

If you are injured as a result of a collision, a dog bite or an accident at work, you can call in a personal injury lawyer to recover the injury you suffer as a result. He holds the other party liable, draws up the statement of liability and ensures that an advance on the personal injury compensation is paid after the liability has been acknowledged.

A personal injury lawyer actually ensures that you are fully compensated after an accident. But in most countries you have to pay a personal injury lawyer his costs. These costs can add up enormously.

Free personal injury lawyer in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria

There are exceptions to the main rule that you must pay the costs of a personal injury lawyer yourself. In Europe, these are at least the Netherlands, Austria and Germany. In this contribution, we consider the Dutch system where the regulation is the widest.

In the Netherlands you are always entitled to the help of a free personal injury lawyer in case of personal injury caused by someone else. But even if you have passenger damage insurance, you will often be assigned a free personal injury specialist, or you can choose one. So in Nijmegen for a personal injury lawyer in Nijmegen (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Nijmegen) and in Den Bosch a personal injury lawyer in Den Bosch (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Den Bosch).

Benefits of free legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer

The advantages of a personal injury lawyer are obvious, you do not incur any costs when recovering your personal injury as a result of a car accident, work accident or if you were bitten by a dog.

After an accident with injury, you will have to deal with a personal injury lawyer from an insurer. He has extensive knowledge of personal injury law and has only one goal, to pay as little compensation as possible to the injury victim. After all, insurers want to make a profit and they do this by paying out as little compensation as possible. With a personal injury lawyer at your side, you are just as strong as the insurer’s personal injury lawyer. The big advantage is that with a free personal injury lawyer you have a better chance of getting full compensation for your personal injury.

Disadvantage free personal injury lawyer

Free legal aid also has a major disadvantage. For example, in the Netherlands there has been a proliferation of all kinds of personal injury agencies and personal injury lawyers who claim to help with a personal injury claim free of charge. However, these personal injury agencies often have little or no legal knowledge. The danger is that a personal injury victim does not receive the help they are entitled to after an accident.

No cure no pay for personal injury claims

The system of a free personal injury lawyer therefore has advantages and disadvantages. Another common system is free help on a no cure no pay basis. In fact, this is not free. Only if the liability is not acknowledged will you pay nothing as a personal injury victim. If you win your personal injury case, you transfer a percentage of your compensation to the personal injury specialist.

There are therefore several ways to be helped without costs in case of personal injury. However, each system has its advantages and disadvantages.