8 Divorce Complications with Blended Families

By Berry Mathew

Divorce is never easy. More when it involves children, both parents and their kids have to overcome a number of challenges when the marriage comes is terminated. When it goes about divorce blended families, expect to spend even more time and effort before you manage to settle your life in a new and better way. 

Blended families go through complications from the very beginning they come together with both new partners and siblings adjusting to each other. But when it comes for them to part, the troubles even double with former and current partners and other family members being involved. 

Discover the common issues that blended families may face when getting a divorce and prepare to deal with them to overcome the related challenges easier and move on to a better life without complications. 

  1. Custody and Visitation 

If you cannot get FL online divorce since you have minor kids from several relationships, expect to spend some time and resources on dealing with custody and visitation. Custodial rights belong to biological parents and have to be distributed between them considering the surrounding details. But if stepparents in divorce are ready and wish to participate in kids’ life after marriage termination, they have such an opportunity.

Mind that your co-parenting plan may involve parents and stepparents so that you have more difficulties in communication and cooperation with a bigger number of participants in the process. But if you use some efficient co-parenting app or hire a professional to direct you, the results will be more pleasant both for children and adults.  

  1. Child Support

While spousal support is usually terminated with the new marriage, child support belongs to the child no matter the parental relationship. This means the children still receive child support from biological parents or primary caretakers. 

But if any stepparent wants to support the kids from any previous relationships, they cannot be forbidden to do so. Yet, there are rare cases when a stepparent who is not in a relationship with the current caretaker of the children is obliged to pay child support. So, protect your right not to pay child support but support your kids financially when you are regulated so that you avoid any complications with the law

  1. Co-parenting

Co-parenting in blended families can cause unpleasant commotions if the adults don’t find the right tool to optimize their cooperation. The point is that the direct parents want to take part in their kids’ life, while stepparents from different relationships may have a similar wish. So that it is necessary to organize the parenting process to make everyone feel comfortable and satisfied. 

Prioritizing the kids’ interests is the key to success. If they want to see anyone from their parent’s relationships, they have full right to do so unless there is any threat to the children’s safety. So, instead of bickering over who has more rights to participation in children’s lives, it is better to use the opportunity and organize efficient daily activities and leisure for your kids involving all the dear adults equitably. 

  1. Assets Division 

Another complication that is common for blended families going through a divorce is asset division. When couples have big assets and businesses, they may find it difficult to distribute everything equally between their children and stepkids. 

The law doesn’t have one and only regulation to determine who has more rights for the property after divorce. Every case is reviewed separately and the surrounding details are taken into account so that child’s best interests and comfort are satisfied in the outcomes. you can prevent any similar troubles by agreeing to a prenuptial agreement before creating a blended family. Or you can hire professionals to help you come to a peaceful and beneficial agreement with your soon-to-be ex and all the descendants. 

  1. Communication between Stepsiblings

When two families come together to create a new one, confrontations between newmade siblings are almost a must. But when they have to part due to divorce, the stepsisters and brothers need each other more than ever. 

Although it may seem strange to you how couple-of-years relationships may turn into such a strong bond, you’d better don’t step between former stepsiblings. Grant your kids access and opportunity to nurture their previous relationships to diminish the possible trauma and any other negative effects after divorce.

  1. Stepparents Connection

The same goes for stepparents. Even if you don’t feel like seeing your ex anymore and find no point in your children maintaining relationships with them since they are not biological parents of your children, it doesn’t mean that your kids share your view. 

If your kids had good relationships with their stepparents, it may be important for both to stay in touch. So, if your children wish so and it will have a positive impact only, include their stepparents in your parenting plan and care to help them maintain connection without complications. 

  1. Prenuptial Agreement 

Most difficulties related to the blended family divorce may be avoided with the help of a prenuptial agreement. By arranging a settlement on top important issues, you will avoid conflict of interests, post-divorce troubles, or even prevent marriage termination at all. Deal with custodial agreements, assets division, and child support long before the unsolved issues start poisoning your life. If you manage to come to a peaceful agreement at the very beginning, you will save your family from a number of headaches if the time comes for you to split.

  1. Child Best Interests

Many parents think they know better what their kids need and wish. But the point is that if your children are big enough to express their thoughts clearly and have their standpoint, why not consider it? If you prioritize your kids’ best interests, then you should trust them. Sometimes, your children may come up with the best suitable solution to the situation, so ask about their opinion here and there and everyone will only benefit in the end.