Importance Of NCERT Books for Class 12 Physics PDF

By Juliet D'cruz


NCERT stands for National Council of Educational Research which is an organization working under the Government of India with the aim to create a centralized system of education that will help students achieve a practical perspective of things around them based on the theoretical knowledge provided to them. The NCERT textbooks have become a huge part of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum and even some state boards recommend using these for board exam preparations due to the various helpful features provided by these books.

Physics in Classes 11 and 12 can be a tough subject to score high marks in for many students. The stress of covering the enormous syllabus, being able to achieve a thorough understanding, and then being able to accurately answer all questions in your Class 12 Physics Board Exams can be a lot to handle for students. However, achieving all of these goals and also scoring well in your Physics exam can be made possible if you are referring to the most appropriate study material there is.

CBSE especially puts high stress on the fact that the NCERT Books are an important part of their curriculum and a large number of schools across the country prescribe the book to their students. The NCERT books have garnered a lot of praise as students and teachers have both attested to its benefits. 

Now that there are a variety of different question banks and paper sets available in the market from various publications, many parents and students might get confused about whether to follow the NCERT book or not. We will discuss in detail why you should follow this book meticulously and how it will help you with your board exam preparation. 

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Benefits Of Using NCERT Books for Class 12 Physics PDF

As we all know, all schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE are prescribed to teach their students only from the NCERT books for Class 12 Physics, the students are also advised to refer to these books so that they can start preparing for their school exams as well as the upcoming board exams. Board exams need to be taken seriously as they will be a detrimental factor about your future and career. 

If you do not know how NCERT Books for Class 12 Physics PDF will help you prepare for the exams, check out this list of benefits that you can experience when referring to these books:-

  • Recommended by CBSE

The first and foremost reason especially for CBSE students to follow NCERT Books for Class 12 Physics PDF is that the board highly recommends using them for exam preparations. The teaching staff at CBSE schools will ask you to follow these practice sets for all other subjects because they are very well aware of the benefits of using NCERT Books. These books are also the main source that is referred to when the question papers are designed by CBSE for the Class 12 Board Exam.

  • Referred for designing question papers

Both students and teachers have collectively agreed that they have found a considerable amount of common questions and topics that have been repeatedly asked in Class 12 Physics Board question papers over the course of years. This is because the question papers are set based on the NCERT Books for Class 12 Physics PDF. You can be assured that the maximum of the questions in the exam will be based on the material that has been covered in the NCERT books. Hence, if you are thorough with every chapter and question provided in these books, solving the question paper shall be comparatively easier for you. 

  • Good Readability

NCERT Books are written in a simplified language and are easy to read and follow even for students who are not quite well-versed in the subject. State board schools that study in vernacular will also be able to understand the information given in the book due to its easy style and form. The NCERT Books are also available in Hindi for students studying in a Hindi-medium school with no difference in the language and material covered in the books.

  • Supplementary Textbook For JEE Mains

Though the language of the book is kept simple, the information provided is detailed and well explained. The text provided in the NCERT Books for class 12 Physics PDF covers various topics of the CBSE curriculum that are also useful in various competitive examinations like the JEE Mains in case you are a science student planning to get admission into an engineering college. 

  • Supplementary Material For Class Lectures

Students are taught a great deal by their teachers in classroom lectures. However, not everyone will be able to follow and grasp the concepts in class due to time limitations. You may not be able to note down everything that the teacher will tell you. In this case, the NCERT books for Class 12 Physics PDF will act as supplementary material which will improve your understanding of the fundamental concepts at home.

  • Good For At-Home Practice 

The sample tests and practice questions that are provided by NCERT Books for Class 12 Physics PDF will help you prepare at home when you are not in classes or attending tuitions. Practice makes perfect as we all know and practicing these sample questions will immensely improve your learning and problem-solving skills. Using the exercises and in-text questions provided at the end of each chapter in the NCERT Books for class 12 Physics PDF can also help you during your practice and help you understand how to solve the questions accurately. These exercises are also helpful in a quick revision before the exam.


NCERT textbooks have a host of benefits that you will find once you start following them for your exam preparations. Just like CBSE, we would highly recommend following NCERT Books if you want to improve your skills at home and perform well in both your class tests as well as board exams.

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