How can you make your own flower bouquet?

By Albert Howard

Do you have flowers in your home and would like to make your own beautiful bouquets from several flowers? Would you like to receive advice, tips and information about making beautiful bouquets? Making a bouquet is something that is not necessarily difficult, but you must have a clear plan of action. Otherwise, the chances of uninspired and boring flowers are very high. In this article we will help you make a bouquet(s).

Fancy mixing a flower bouquet yourself? Nice for on the table, as a base for a flower arrangement or to give away as a gift. This instructional video shows you the basic techniques of flower arranging. This way you can easily create a beautiful bouquet. You can go through the steps for making bouquets and flower arrangements in the written instructions below.

What kind of bouquet should it be?

When you start making a bouquet, it is important to have a clear idea of what the bouquet is intended for. Should the bouquet be placed on your kitchen table, is it to wish someone strength or is it a congratulations to someone? In the first case, the choice is entirely up to you, but when it comes to wishing someone luck or congratulating them, other customs apply. For example, to wish someone strength it is better to make a more somber bouquet. When you want to congratulate someone you can be a little more exuberant and let your creativity run wild. For example, a sober bouquet is a bit tighter than a cheerful bouquet. With cheerful bouquets you can vary more with heights and other things. The flowers you use are completely up to you. Try to choose flowers birthday that suit the message you want to send.

What colors can be combined?

Combining colors can be done in plenty when you want to. Take into account your interior and the other flowers in your house. Color combinations that we also sell and usually do very well include green-white-pink, red-yellow-orange and red-pink-white. These are some examples, but really there is nothing wrong. As long as you like it yourself, everything is fine.

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How do I tie the flowers?

Binding flowers is of course important. This can be done in several ways. We briefly explain a few of them:

  • A bouquet can be tied with elastic. Do this by tying the ends together and twisting the elastic around a few times.
  • A bouquet can be tied with string. Do this a little higher on the stem.
  • A bouquet can be placed without elastic or. Do this by putting the flowers crosswise in the vase.

Putting flowers in the vase in the right way

When placing the flowers in the vase, it is important that you take a number of steps. For example, you should cut each flower stem at an angle and then place the flowers in the water as quickly as possible. You should also make sure that there are no leaves hanging in the water and that the flowers are in a good place. By a good place, we mean a place where there is no excessive sunlight, drafts or heating nearby. Also, don’t put flowers next to a fruit bowl. This is bad for the life of your bouquet.

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