Everything you want to know about dried flowers

By Albert Howard

What are dried flowers?

Contrary to what the name might suggest, dried flowers are more than just dried flowers.  Dry flowers is the collective term for all natural, dried decorations. These can be ornamental flowers or grains, but dried pine cones and lianas are also among the dry flowers, which are called ‘’friske blomster’’ in Denmark. Therefore, dry decoration would be a more appropriate term.

What types of dried flowers are there?

There are many types of dried flowers, for which several classifications are possible.

Dried grasses

The most popular grass at the moment is Pampas grass. A few plumes of Pampas will instantly give your vase and home a bohemian character. Pampas grass is now available in all colors of the rainbow, but I secretly like the natural variety best.

Arunda and Erianthus are also grasses that are often used for dried flowers.

Dried Grains

Wheat and oats are the popular cereals that are dried. Sometimes natural but also available in all colors of the rainbow, as grains can be easily colored.

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Preserved flowers, branches and leaves

Reserved dried flowers are another line of business. Fresh flowers or branches are treated with glycerin at their peak, which helps them retain their natural shape and color. This process is appropriate for all fresh flowers, but is commonly used for roses. Eucalyptus branches are also often preserved. Eucalyptus is great for making dried flower wreaths. As a base or in the leading role, as you see in the picture.

Dry Flowers: Natural

With natural dry flower decorations, the “flowers” have been dried naturally and that’s it. As a result, they have their natural color and shape.

  • Examples of natural dried flowers are Lavender, Carthamus, Phalaris, Cane Fern, Everlasting White and Rice Flower, thistles, poppy, helichrysum.

Dry Flowers: Dyed

When dried decorations are given a color, they are called dyed dried flowers. Almost all flowers, grasses and grains can be colored.

How do you make your own dried flowers?

It is fairly easy to make your own dried flowers. All you need is a good dose of patience.

Hang a bunch of flowers or grass upside down in a dark and well-ventilated room. Hard or sturdy flowers and crops are best suited for drying.

You can make traditional dried flowers yourself by hanging bunches of flowers or grasses upside down in a dark, preferably well-ventilated place. Some types of flowers are better suited for this than others.

How do you care for a dried flower bouquet?

Yes, you have your coveted bunch of dried flowers at home. But how do you make sure it stays beautiful?

No water

Perhaps the most important point: don’t water them. Unlike regular flowers, dried flowers don’t benefit from it.

Out of the sunlight

Dried flowers thrive best in the shade. Sunlight can cause discoloration and that the bouquet starts to fall out earlier.

In a dry room

Dried flowers do not like moisture. So a bunch of dried flowers in the bathroom is not a good idea.

Handle with care

Dried flowers are more fragile than regular flowers. If you want to arrange a bouquet, work from the stems. If you handle dried flowers from the top, there is a good chance that the dried flower will break off. Trust me: been there, done that.

Shelf life dried flowers

How long do dried flowers stay good? You can enjoy a dried flower bouquet for about half a year. Just to illustrate: Fresh flowers usually last only a week. So it’s safe to say that dried flowers are both sustainable and friendly to your wallet.

Some types of dried flowers (such as wheat) last much longer than six months. For example, preserved flowers, tasks and leaves stay good for 1 to 3 years.

If your dried flower bouquet has partially bloomed, you can reuse the flowers that are still good in another bouquet.

Vintage and dried flowers

Vintage and dried flowers, is that a good combination?  We at Woodstock think so. Because how nice is a beautiful dried flower bouquet in a vintage West German vase?

There is something nostalgic about dried flowers and we think that fits in perfectly with vintage. That is why we recently started selling dried flowers at blomster.

You can choose from individual flowers, dried flower bouquets, dried flower garlands and other decorations.