Guide To Building A Noticeable LinkedIn Profile

By Juliet D'cruz

LinkedIn Profile is like an online resume, so one must make it like a lure for all the recruiters. For creating the best first impression, you have to include all the necessary points correctly and accurately and give the same impact you would with your resume, as a LinkedIn profile will help increase your personal and professional network. 

Laying The Foundation For Best Results

It would be very difficult to get LinkedIn likes if you did not know where to start or end it and that would drastically affect your professional image as it won’t be able to turn into an opportunity magnet. You need to be detail-specific while creating the profile. There are certain points you must pay heed to when building a LinkedIn profile.

  • Name 

Always go for the basics, and stick to your first and last name. You shouldn’t add random words like smart that seem unprofessional. For eg: Names like Creative-minded Jerry Williams do not sound professional and are an instant put-off for the recruiters.

  • Headline

The headlines are something that we all should look out for. It is what attracts the recruiters. You must make sure it is the same as in your resume.

For eg: Artistic, Art director aspirant. Such words would be more preferable as it shows that you are a person who genuinely wants to work in this field. 

  • Picture

As the quote states, a picture says thousands of words, so make sure the display picture that you upload is formal and you are well dressed. It is advisable to not put selfies or pictures with filters as they are a major turn-off.

  • URL Customization

Try customizing your URL for people to find you easily since it is a stated fact that there would be many people having the same name as yours. So make a URL that is easy to remember and look for.

  • Summary Of Your Profile 

Everything that is written on your profile should focus on your career perspective only. Do not add useless details that are not related to your work life. All the details should seem beneficial to the company that is looking to recruit you. Try using action words that are related to your career field and the tools that you have learned related to the field you are working in. This is a part where you have to stress a lot, hence it is always better to go for LinkedIn profile writing services if you have any doubts.

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  • Experiences, Education And Skills 

The summary would be the part where you write about your past experiences and everything that you have achieved in your life. Most people just copy-paste their resume which is not advisable. You should add every single important detail related to your career. You can also add the required proofs if you want to create a better image.

  • Your LinkedIn Connections 

LinkedIn connections are important and your image doesn’t always rely upon the first-level connections, but also upon the various branches of people you connect to through your field of interest.

  • LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are surprisingly an important part of your career. But just joining in as a member is not important. You have to prove yourself in the group activities, so you must participate and make sure you stand out rather than being an idle member.

  • Recommendations And Endorsements 

For those who are not aware, endorsements are evidence of your abilities in the field of your interest and help in highlighting your profile. But it does not have a great effect or impact like a recommendation, as it is just about ticking off a box that does not hold any details and it is something that anyone can do for you.

You can only show 3 skills on your profile front page. If a person is interested, they can know more by looking deeper, but the first-page view would be the 3 skills, so choose the skills that would help you make an eligible candidate.

But a recommendation is a concept completely different from the above. A recommendation is a statement in writing from your connection, which would be your current employer or previous employer. This holds a lot of credibility and significance as the person who wrote the same took their time to give out the details regarding your profile, your work, and all your accomplishments that they have seen or heard of with the proof of their valid signature.

Any kind of positive comments about your work would help a great deal in highlighting your profile and act as proof that all your statements are correct and you are reliable. Also Online Resume Maker tool can help you with including these things in your profile.

You can ask for such recommendations on this social platform just like you do in real life. This would start with the people who know you and your work pattern well, and in a positive manner. When you are capable of achieving this, you can expand the field where you ask for your recommendations from reliable sources, or companies where you have worked earlier.

You may also try the return technique where you write a recommendation for a person you know and they return the same favor.


Using these techniques you would be able to create a perfect LinkedIn profile that would lure all the recruiters. If you have any doubts regarding the same, you must contact LinkedIn profile writing services. You must stay professional, especially on such social networking sites.

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