Epic EMR – Features, Pricing, and Reviews 

By Juliet D'cruz

EpicCare from Epic Systems is an electronic medical record (EMR) system designed for large health systems and hospitals. This solution is certified for Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2 and is created, deployed, and supported by an in-house team of experts. It includes modules for various disciplines, including cardiology, ophthalmology, rehab surgery, etc.

Epic EMR software is among the most highly rated EMR programs available. It is a cloud-based EMR software that the company first introduced in 1979 to improve healthcare conditions in medical offices. Epic EMR software is excellently built since it is incredibly intuitive, reducing the number of clicks. In addition, it allows users to save a significant amount of time. This is something you should look into during the Epic EMR demo.

Epic EMR is utilized by a wide range of medical specialists and has won several awards! The software includes many excellent capabilities that assist users with their day-to-day work and automate all of the practice’s demanding tasks.

Key Features of Epic EMR Software

According to Epic EMR software reviews, the software has numerous advantages, beginning with quick access to inpatient and outpatient records. Accessing records is inexpensive and straightforward, and it does not necessitate complex checks and balances, allowing clinicians to speak with one another swiftly and efficiently. 

When visiting a new doctor or consulting with a specialist, patients can readily access their personal medical history. Likewise, physicians can also readily and quickly access their records.

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User-friendly Interface

The way Epic EMR is built is an essential aspect. Any software quickly becomes the user’s favorite if it has the correct features. Medical specialists seek ease and comfort, and there can be no ease if the software lacks a user-friendly interface.

Epic EMR software is excellently built since it is incredibly intuitive, reducing the number of clicks. In addition, it allows users to save a significant amount of time. This is something you should look into during the Epic EMR software demo.

Patent Portal

Finding an effective patient portal with all the necessary EMR software resources is challenging. At the same time, many EMR software firms claim to have an effective patient portal, not all of them do. However, according to Epic EMR software reviews, users like the Epic EMR patient portal because it is valuable and informative.

The Epic EMR patient portal increases communication between patient and doctor, allowing clinicians to see their whole patient history. In addition, a patient portal is also utilized to track the patient’s progress and plan treatment strategies.


Interoperability is an essential aspect of modern medicine since all information should be shared for greater collaboration and, as a result, a better probability of therapy. Epic Systems is the first provider to make significant global patient data exchange and interoperability advances. 

Epic EMR’s interoperability function allows you to share information and access it from other users of other EMR software. This, among other things, aids in the faster diagnosis of patients!

Financial Management

A solid revenue management cycle and billing solutions are crucial in medical practices due to the benefits. Patient care and treatment should be the number one priority for physicians in medical practices. Unfortunately, when payments and earnings are on a doctor’s mind, their ability to function at best suffers, so Epic EMR gives an excellent solution.

Epic EMR software RCM tools handle payments automatically, removing your worry about costs and allowing you to focus solely on the patient’s healthcare.

Efficient Customer Care

Customer assistance is one of the reasons Epic EMR is so well-liked and well-known. Users appreciate how active and friendly the entire crew is. In addition, the Epic EMR staff is incredibly professional and recognizes the value of their users’ time. Hence, they provide the best services to their consumers.


Epic EMR software includes a fantastic telehealth service for users to avail themselves of. This tool allows you to communicate with and treat patients at a distance. Telehealth services enable you to treat patients remotely, typically using a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tool. During the Covid-19 pandemic, especially elderly patients at high risk and unable to leave their homes took full advantage of this feature.

This function aids in improving communication between the doctor and the patient. Productivity improves significantly due to this feature, and more patients can receive treatment. This feature is critical for all EMR software in the present pandemic condition.

Epic EMR Software Cost

When it comes to the top health systems, most medical providers choose Epic. However, the vendor doesn’t officially release Epic EMR software cost, but news suggests that Epic EMR cost is slightly more expensive than market competitors. However, this also depends on how effectively you plan implementation. 

Epic EMR software pricing ranges from $1,200 for self-hosted systems to $500k for extensive healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Epic EMR Software Demo

Although Epic EMR is a well-known EMR program well-liked by many customers, if you are considering investing in this software, you should schedule an Epic EMR software demo. Users like to take a free trial (if the company gives one) or a demo before buying any medical software. Therefore, taking a software demo before purchasing allows you to determine whether the product is appropriate for your practice.

Epic EMR Software Review


  • A diverse suite of solutions that cater to all functions within a medical practice is available. In addition, Epic EMR is kept updated with industry developments thanks to routine software upgrades.
  • Epic EMR software has an easy-to-use UI that is straightforward and self-explanatory.
  • With a few mouse clicks, patients’ complete medical histories are accessible.
  • Medical workers can use this software to track and access patient charts efficiently. Since its first release, they have made numerous improvements that have benefited the usability of this software.


  • When contemplating and implementing user-requested features and suggestions, customer service is unresponsive.
  • While the program is simple, doctors may find it tough to get their hands on it at first.

Our Two Bits

Epic EMR software truly lives up to its reputation. For the convenience of doctors from more than 30 specialties, a wide range of advanced features are available. In addition, you can schedule an Epic EMR software demo to learn more about the product. Finally, Epic EMR software reviews are also beneficial in this regard.

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