6 Ways to Keep-up Your Oral Hygiene 

By Juliet D'cruz

Having healthy teeth and games takes a lot of consistent care and attention. Our teeth sometimes might appear to be clean and white while bacteria continue to eat them away. It is crucial that we take the necessary steps each day to maintain good oral health. Maintaining oral hygiene is all about preventing any future problems from arising, like gum bleeds or cavities etc. 

We can easily prevent any oral hygiene problems from arising with consistent care and by using the right products. Working on our overall habits and the products we use to clean our teeth can really make the difference in healthy or bleeding gums and teeth. We have laid down a number of exercises you should be mindful of in order to maintain and keep up with your oral hygiene. 

Brush your teeth twice a day! 

We’ve been taught since we’re children to brush our teeth when we wake up and right before getting in bed. Most people brush their teeth in the morning but don’t deem it important to brush before getting in bed. If they knew any better they’d know that brushing before bed helps remove all the plaque and cavity building bacteria to be eradicated. Once we brush our teeth before sleeping our teeth do not rot away with bacteria. 

Use the right products! 

Whatever cleaning products you use, like toothpaste or tooth cleaning powder, make sure it contains fluoride. There are a number of different types of products we can use to clean our mouth and teeth but whatever we use must definitely contain fluoride. Fluoride holds the power to help get rid of cavities as it doesn’t allow bacteria to build up inside our mouth. 

It does not help if we’re using expensive oral hygiene products if they don’t contain the right amount of fluoride we need to keep cavities out of our mouths. After killing off germs and bacterias, fluoride creates a protective barrier inside our mouth. 

Using teeth whitening trays is a great way to keep your smile white and bright.

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Clean your tongue as well as your teeth! 

Most people don’t realize that our tongues accumulate as much bacteria and plaque as our teeth can. If we don’t properly brush our tongue alongside our teeth, the bacteria preying inside our mouth can then rot our teeth. An unclean tongue also means that you will have a foul breath as long as your tongue doesn’t get properly cleaned. Be mindful not to be too harsh on your tongue, lightly stroke the brush over your tongue while cleaning your teeth. 

Be consistent in dentist appointments! 

Even if you believe that your oral hygiene is up to the mark and you are consistent, it’s always a good idea to visit the dentist anyway. If you regularly visit your dentist, they can help in deep and extensive oral cleaning and give you tips on how to maintain your oral hygiene. Sometimes our eyes can’t see the potential problems in our teeth or gums whereas dentists help us in dealing with them before it’s too late.  

Eat healthy food! 

It is best not to eat sugary foods or foods with too many acidic ingredients. Fast foods and cold drinks are all the types of food that rots away our teeth. It is much wiser to eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in proteins and fibres for healthy teeth and gums. Once we chew onto such foods our teeth get in better health and maintain their protective enamel. Acidic foods and sugary foods have the opposite effect. We must have a good calcium intake too for healthy teeth and gums. 

Floss your teeth religiously! 

Flossing has several benefits besides just getting food out from between our teeth. We can stimulate our gums and remove residual plaque and so much more with the help of good floss. Besides brushing our teeth twice a day we must keep in mind to at least floss once before bed each night. Even if flossing seems like a long and exhausting task, you’ll thank yourself once you maintain healthy gums. 


All of us have our own unique ways of getting things done and maintaining our health as we go along. Our oral hygiene is something that is quite apparent to others around us if we’re not careful enough, therefore it is crucial that we follow the right footsteps in maintaining good oral hygiene. Once we’re regular in our practice we can enjoy the health of good teeth and gums that will be apparent to everyone around us as well! 

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