By Albert Howard

A bunch of beautiful flowers makes everyone happy. A beautiful bouquet is a wonderful gift for your loved ones, but also for yourself! With a colorful bouquet, you bring that cheerful, summer feeling into your home, even in the dark days of the year. You want to enjoy these flowers for as long as possible. What care tips will help you get the most out of your flowers? Where do you put them and how do you arrange the bunch? We list our tips!


It may sound obvious, but it is worth mentioning again: a vase should be completely clean before you fill it with your bouquet. Also pay attention to the size of the vase. The stems should not get in each other’s way, so don’t choose your vase too small. Our advice is to always use a glass vase: you will then see more quickly if the water needs to be changed, and in addition bacteria attach less easily to glass. It is important to change the water every so often. Think of 3 to 5 days. It is also better not to pour too cold water in the vase. This can “scare” your bouquet. You do not need to fill your vase to the brim. In fact, this will not make your bouquet at all happy. Fill the vase to a maximum of halfway.


You are then ready to get busy with the flowers. Of course, it is necessary to think about cutting the flower stems at an angle. This is important, as it is possible that the stems have dried out slightly at the bottom when they have been without water for a while, for example during the drive home. The dried out stems can absorb water more easily and therefore the flowers may start to droop. Use a clean and sharp knife for cutting at an angle. Because leaves rot in contact with water, it is important to remove the leaves that are at the bottom of the stem. You will see when a leaf is hanging in the water.  

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How do you arrange the flowers to their best advantage in the vase? You can put your bouquet in the vase all at once, but there are other ways: start with the medium-sized stems and leave the longest and shortest ones for a while. The idea is that you start with four flowers and make a kind of cross of them in the vase. You weave the stems over each other, as it were, while dividing the vase into four parts. With this trick, you provide a framework for the rest of the bouquet. Continue in this manner with a nice distribution of color and greenery. For convenience, rotate the vase a bit every now and then, this way you will see the effect unfold immediately. Then continue with the shorter and somewhat longer stems. This playful distribution will make your bunch a real eye-catcher. 

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