Class 11 Exam Tips with NCERT

By Juliet D'cruz

Nowadays, most Indian schools follow a curriculum designed by CBSE where all the books and study materials are provided by NCERT. National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), which is set up by the Government of India for qualitative improvement in elementary as well as high school education. A few years back, when the digital era hit the country, the scope for in-depth knowledge of the subjects started to pick up pace for CBSE students with the increased adaptability towards internet usage and online resources for studying.

For years, students have been learning and adapting the innovations introduced by NCERT courses and it has helped students all over the country in developing a steady mindset and competitive enough to be prepared for the global market. The textbooks are the initial point of contact for every student in schools and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these NCERT books have an organized course schedule that is easily understood by students and even easier to explain for the teachers. This is the reason why NCERT books are always a favorable option for CBSE students, thereby helping them attain theoretical as well as practical knowledge about the selected modules. The NCERT also works in collaboration with various international organizations, visiting foreign delegations as well as offering various training facilities to educational personnels from developing countries, which is why their research is a plateau for the generations to come. This makes NCERT books a reliable source for a good education in students’ life while making them globally competent.

As we all know, after class 10 boards, most of the students have to choose their preferred stream for pursuing higher studies in their area of interest. Thus, Class 11 plays an important role in determining your future. It is possible that initially students can get confused about how to start and where to conclude their preparation for exams.

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In this article, we are going to suggest some exam tips for Class 11 that will help excel in exams with better grades. 

  • At first, for the students who are studying in Class 11, NCERT Books Class 11 are the best resources to study and have a more effective learning experience. Class 11 Books are updated to the latest syllabus followed by NCERT. Students can also download the PDFs for complete books online for easy access to the course material. To excel in the examinations, it is required to go through the complete syllabus beforehand without leaving any topic out. This will help you plan out your study routine.
  • Another tip would be to keep a pen and a notebook ready with you while you prepare yourself to study new concepts present in the syllabus, it is highly recommended that you take up the subjects alternatively to avoid any confusion or haphazardness.
  • The next tip is to practice and study the most important topics on priority, especially the ones carrying the most weightage of marks in previous year’s exam papers. And start preparing them one by one as you proceed further with the respective topic or chapter.
  • Another step for accelerating your exam preparation is to make sure that you have covered all the topics at least once. Don’t forget to include the easier topics in each subject, as they are the ones that take up the least time to prepare and understand. These are also the topics that help you score better grades in the least possible time during exams.
  • Next, the usage of solved papers and online NCERT solutions that can easily be downloaded and practiced for a deeper understanding of difficult topics in the most efficient way. The more you practice through these, the higher your chances to score better grades in exams. Moreover, you get a brief idea of how the questions from various topics have been framed as per the overall exam pattern.
  • Another tip is to not neglect the core study material. That’s right! Many students think that they can do better by simply going through the topics in each subject without any help from the textbooks recommended in the course. That’s where you can fail to realize that the question papers are all prepared based on those books from the curriculum. Thus, you need to go through the textbooks first and then look for any other study material for further practice and learning. In addition to this, you may also download the textbooks online for easier access at any time of the day.
  • Try to cover not only theoretical topics but also practical ones. This will help you understand the theory with much ease thereby creating mind maps where all the information can be linked with its practical implementation at any given point in time. Also, the more relatable you find the topic, it is always easier to retain that information for a longer period.
  • At last, the only key is revision. Revision is all it takes for the students who have gone through all the syllabus on time. Revision helps you to retain the maximum information from the exam point of view. For revision, students can easily download the various practice papers and extra study material like NCERT solutions and so on. The focus is to make sure that the topics are understood with a deeper understanding of their implementation during exams.

All the NCERT course material including textbooks, newsletters, journals, educational kits as well as digital materials are designed such that it promotes and develops an understanding for students to easily grasp and learn with the help of teachers. The lucrative techniques used in the study material act as a booster for ideas and information in matters related to school education and act as a nodal agency for achieving the goals of globalization of Education. Thus, it is best to utilize your time by going through the tips and techniques used in these study materials for easier comprehension of different topics in each subject.

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