6 Reasons Why You Need Solid Wooden Beds In Your Life

By Berry Mathew

Did you know that in the 17th century people used to call wooden beds ‘Dutch beds’ because they were imported from the Netherlands? Also, did you know that wooden beds are making a comeback and are now considered to be a statement piece for any bedroom? These days, the word ‘wooden’ is associated with something natural, eco-friendly and of course beautiful. The popularity of wooden furniture has seen an incredible spike in recent times. So if you haven’t bought a wooden bed for your bedroom yet, it’s high time you do! Here are 6 reasons why you need solid wooden beds in your life:

A solid wood bed is a long-term investment

When you invest in a quality wooden bed, you are making a long-term investment. After all, if you buy a wooden bed that is made from solid wood, it will last you a lifetime. Unlike a lot of other materials, wooden beds don’t peel or crack with time. Also, they don’t need frequent repainting like faux wood furniture. In fact, a high-quality wooden bed will gain more value over time. If you ever plan to sell it, you can expect to get at least 50% of its original value. Solid wooden beds are sturdier than most other types of furniture. They’re also less likely to suffer from wear and tear. This is why a wooden bed is a long-term investment – it’s a piece of furniture that will withstand all kinds of weather and last for decades.

A wooden bed exudes warmth and cosiness

When you sit on a wooden bed, you feel the warmth of the natural wood underneath your skin, don’t you? This is because the wood has thermal properties, which help to retain heat and cold. This means that a wooden bed is perfect for winter and summer seasons alike. On the other hand, if you have a wooden bed in your bedroom, it will exude a cosy and warm feeling – perfect for those chilly winter nights. A wooden bed can also help to transform your bedroom into a more peaceful and serene space. This is because wooden furniture is known to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

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Wooden beds are extremely durable

Wooden beds are made from solid wood, which makes them extremely durable. You will often find wooden beds that are over 100 years old, and they still look good as new! Unlike metal and faux wood furniture, wooden beds don’t dent or scratch easily. This makes them extremely durable and long-lasting. Due to their durability, wooden beds are perfect if you have children at home. If a child accidentally drops a toy on the wooden bed, it won’t leave any marks. The scratch-free nature of wooden furniture is one of the reasons why parents love to buy wooden beds for their kids. Moreover, if you live in a humid climate, wooden beds are the best option for you. This is because wooden furniture is extremely resistant to moulds, mildew and rot.

Wooden beds are eco-friendly

Did you know that wood is one of the most renewable resources on the planet? No trees have to be cut down to make wooden furniture. Instead, manufacturers use lumber that’s leftover from the trees. This lumber would otherwise go to waste, which is why the process of making wooden furniture is eco-friendly. Moreover, wooden beds are one of the best eco-friendly products you can buy. This is because these beds don’t emit any toxic fumes or chemicals. You don’t have to worry about the harmful fumes of the paint or varnish settling in your bedroom. Not only that, wooden furniture is easier to maintain than most other types of furniture. This means that you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning wooden furniture.

You can customize your wooden bed any way you want

When you buy a wooden bed, you get to customize it any way you want. You can add different types of legs, or you can even paint the wooden bed to create your very own design. You can add different types of drawers to the wooden bed, or you can even get a headboard – the possibilities are endless. This is because manufacturers of wooden beds understand that every person is different, and they have the freedom to design their bed any way they want. You can get a wooden bed in any size, finish or design you like. You can even get an antique wooden bed that looks like it came straight out of the 17th century.

Wooden beds come in a variety of styles and designs

When you buy a wooden bed, you get to choose from a variety of styles and designs. You can go for a modern wooden bed, or you can even pick out a vintage wooden bed. There are wooden beds in every design and style imaginable. You can even get a headboard that has a built-in reading lamp. While picking out a wooden bed, you have to make sure that it goes with the overall design of your bedroom. It should match the curtains, the ceiling lights and even the paint on the walls.

Solid wooden beds are a great investment, and they’re perfect for any bedroom. Wooden beds are extremely durable, and eco-friendly, and they exude a feeling of cosiness and warmth. These days, wooden furniture comes in every design and style imaginable, which means that you can easily find a wooden bed that goes with the overall design of your bedroom.

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