Guide to scoring 4+ Score in AP Test

By Albert Howard

Colleges or universities in the US and over 50 countries grant credit or advanced placement based on a student’s score on an AP test. So, the Advanced Placement Exam or AP exam provides a platform for students who want to study abroad. It lets students demonstrate their curriculum mastery and get college credit. Every May, more than 40 million students appear for these exams. But, not all become eligible for college credit.

If you are seriously aiming to crack AP exams, it is imperative to score a 4+ score to make the difference. This guide talks about some tips and tricks to score a 4+ score on the AP test.

Guide to scoring well in AP Test

Wonder how to score 4+ on the AP test? Here are some time-tested tips to consider.

Start Early AP prep

No shortcuts can help you in cracking this exam. So, the first step is to start preparing for the exam early. The general thumb rule is to start one year before the exam to avoid the last-minute hustle. According to the Best AP tutors, the last-minute study is not only stressful but negatively impacts the scores.

So make AP exams a long-term goal and be consistent. Try to follow these rules to score well in AP Test:

  • Plan small but regular sessions.
  • Do small reviews after every class and at the end of every week.
  • Prepare an exclusive study schedule and stick to it.
  • Find a study partner.

Develop a study strategy

Learning capability and grasping power of every student differs. So, while developing a study schedule, consider this along with the following factors:

  • Subject: A student preparing for AP Music Theory or AP Psychology will likely face fewer challenges than one preparing for AP Physics or AP Chemistry. So, depending on your subject, you may have to adjust your study schedule.
  • Test Score: AP test scores range from 1-5, and any number above 3 is considered good to qualify for college credit. Again, the greater the score is, the greater your chances of getting advanced placement. So, if you aim to score 4+ on an AP test, you have to study more than a student aiming to qualify only.
  • Evaluate Gray areas: Instead of juggling through the AP course materials, try to find out your weak areas. Spend more time on the areas you struggle with the most.

Understand the format of the exam

Familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam to avoid unnecessary stress. A student must know the exam pattern, like several questions and the time for each question. You can unlock your full potential if you master time management in the AP test.

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Get AP test preparation materials.

A high-quality prep book can do wonders. Several guides like The Princeton Review and Barron’s are reliable for AP test preparation. These books have organized topics, key concepts, and practice questions at the end of each chapter. In addition, visit the official website of the college board to get AP courses, exam info, and AP Test practice sets. Moreover, you can easily find reliable content on YouTube or podcasts.

Enroll in AP prep classes

There is no replacement for one-on-one mentorship, and AP tutoring is the best way to give your AP test prep the right direction. With an experienced tutor by your side, you will where to focus more. Moreover, an AP tutor can easily access your weakness and prepare a personalized roadmap for you. Fortunately, several online tutors offer AP tutoring at affordable prices.

Practice Tests

Undoubtedly, no student wants to sit in the exam having no idea of the exam whatsoever. So, practice AP sample test papers to build familiarity and confidence. Moreover, the practice also builds specific AP test competencies. Find previous year’s test papers or solve the relevant question at the end of every chapter to be on track. You can find the best free-response questions (and sample responses) on the college board website.

Stimulate the Test Environment

To minimize the last-minute stress, get used to the test environment by putting yourself in the same situation. The best way to do this is to use a timer and an unsolved AP test paper. Be true to yourself, complete the exam, and analyze your performance. This strategy can significantly help you in determining your weak areas.


Many students dream of earning a score of 3 or higher on the AP exam. But, many find it difficult to cope with the demanding study schedule. Here comes the importance of a well-planned study approach. To easily sail through the whole preparation and exam phase, start early, build a study schedule, practice tests, and enroll in a prep class. You can also consider online AP tutoring to get one-on-one mentorship. When you seriously follow these tips, no score is too high for you.

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