3 Benefits of hiring a Columbus injury lawyer

By Juliet D'cruz

Accidents are unfortunate. When you get injured in an accident that happened because of someone’s intent or negligence, you could file an injury claim seeking compensation in Ohio. Just because you have suffered losses doesn’t mean you can blame the other party. It is important to prove that they owed you a “duty of care” and failed to honor that duty. Also, your accidents must be a direct result of the accident. No matter the circumstances, working with a Columbus injury lawyer can help. In this post, we are sharing the top benefits of “lawyering” up. 

Get the right advice

People don’t think of an injury lawyer unless they are in a soup. However, when you contact an attorney soon after the accident, you can expect genuine advice. Your lawyer may advise against blaming the other party, apologizing to anyone, admitting fault, or talking to the insurance company. At times, insurance representatives ask people to file forms that grant certain permissions or may even insist on a recorded statement. If you agree to whatever is being offered, you will likely get less than what you deserve in a LIFE SETTLEMENT

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Deal with the circumstances better

What happens when you also have a share in fault? Ohio’s contributory negligence laws can be confusing to some people. The state follows the modified comparative fault rule. This means that you can only ask for compensation for your damages when your fault share is less than 50%. Insurance companies often use this rule to deny claims or offer a lower settlement to claimants. When you have an attorney, they will deal with everything so that you can focus on your recovery. They can negotiate with the insurance company as needed. 

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Paperwork and trial

Most injury lawsuits in Ohio are settled outside of court. If the case requires a trial, your attorney can take steps in that direction. The right attorney can represent you better, and more importantly, they can handle the investigation and paperwork. Also, injury lawyers in the state typically ask for a contingency fee when a financial settlement is involved. This means you only pay the lawyer after you get a settlement. Affording legal advice doesn’t have to be hard at all. Because you don’t have to keep a trail of the paperwork, evidence, and documents, you can have time to focus on strategy with your attorney. 

Check online for injury lawyers in your area in Columbus. You should consult an attorney soon after the accident as there is limited time to file a lawsuit.

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