Know how planters and Home decor lights add a layer of beauty to your ambiance

By Juliet D'cruz

Selecting the right home decor lighting can go a long way toward deciding whether your house conveys the ambiance of a warm, inviting place for guests, or a dank, deserted dungeon-like house to which no one would make a return visit.

You can possibly think of several homes you have been in where the lighting does little or nothing to accent the fixtures or clashes with the decoration package of a specific room. With just a little preparation and creativeness, the appropriate selection of lighting can improve the look of a room in a big way.

One way to get better your home decoration is by the use of home decor lights & planters. Home decor lights can lighten those dark corners of the room that usually would escape the observation of your visitor. And with so many decorative lampshades accessible these days, you can be certain to find one that fits the decoration of your room.

You also need to take into account the brilliance and kind of light bulb you put in the lamps. If they are too bright, they can make the room appear less cozy, & too dim can make your guests surprised if you are trying to cover something, or if you haven’t taken the time to clean recently.

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Good home decor lighting can also go a long way when it comes to bringing out many features in a room. If you have a prized display that you desire to show off, such as a collection or trophy case, the right quantity of lighting can make it stand out without being too affected.

When done properly, the lighting will draw the awareness of your guests to the display without them even being willfully conscious of it. The placing of recessed lighting is an outstanding choice for this purpose.

And when considering home decoration lighting, you can’t neglect the outdoor area of your house. This is mainly true if you have an outside swimming pool, or if you often have friends over throughout the summer barbecue season.

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When decorating walls the householder must take into account the theory of western theme through using paints or wallpapers with colors that reproduce the real country feeling. The householder can use stencils with flowers or nation scenes to make the house really in a rustic outlook. The western theme would look imperfect if it does not have the braided rug or a wide armchair with a handmade cloth draped on it in the home. The kitchen of the home looks great or stylish if a huge wooden kitchen cupboard in brown color occupies the space. The flooring of the kitchen can be laid through white floor tiles or dark-colored tiles.

Lighting for the kitchen also plays a significant part with pleated pendant lights hanging from the roof of the kitchen making the room quite stylish & shiny. The kitchen fixtures also comprise bar stools, pantry cabinets, sideboards, kitchen islands, & bar carts. If you are willing to give your home a new look then you must visit the urban ladder to purchase different lights and home décor such as planters and furniture. 

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