How Do I Make Sure the Solar System I Choose Is the Perfect Size?

By Juliet D'cruz

Did you know that you would need to explode 100 billion tons of dynamite each second to match the sun’s energy? This is what makes energy-efficient options like solar panels so popular.

Solar technology can convert sunlight into electrical energy which is more sustainable than fossil fuels. As the greatest and most natural resource on the planet, sunlight can benefit many.

If you are considering solar panel installation, you’ll need to know a few things. Read on to learn what solar system size you need for your home.

The Effect of Solar Panel Size

The effect of solar panel size is more prominent if you have an unusual shaped or small roof. When you have a large roof area, you can buy larger panels to get the energy output you want to receive.

If the usable roof area you own is limited or partially in the shade, it’ll be best to use smaller yet efficient panels to create the most power.

Solar panel dimensions for residential buildings are around 65 by 39 inches. However, these numbers will vary depending on the manufacturer.

The only sure way to know what size solar system you need is by asking the solar installation company that you hire. Checking the offered Green Mountain Energy rates is a useful first step in determining whether or not it is more cost-effective to install rooftop solar panels in order to draw renewable energy from a reliable electricity provider. However, there are a few questions you can answer to get an idea of your electricity needs.

How Much Solar Power Do You Need?

Before jumping into the solar energy industry, you should determine how much you spent on past utility bills. This is something a solar energy company won’t map out for you.

To find out how much solar power you need, figure out how many watts you currently use.

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How Many Watts Do You Use Currently?

Figure out how many watts you use currency throughout the year by checking your kWh usage. Your electricity bills should show kWh usage.

Calculate this usage on each of your electricity bills from the last year then divide the number by 12. This will allow you to see the average monthly energy consumption.

Go a step further to determine your daily use by dividing the monthly figure by 30. Take this number and divide it by peak sun hours in your area to determine the kW output you’ll need.

Divide the kW output by the panel’s efficiency. You can find this number on a solar company’s site. The outcome of the equation will tell you how many solar panels you need.

Once you have this number, you must determine if all of the solar panels can fit on your roof. You should know the size of your roof if you want to figure which size of solar panels you will need.

Are You Ready for Your New Solar System?

Installing a solar system is not the best option for every home, but could it be right for you? If you hire the best solar installer, they will complete an inspection to determine what kind of system you need.

If you want to get ahead of the game, use this guide to determine solar panel sizing for yourself. 

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