10 Engine Maintenance Tips – Must For A Good Car Care

By Albert Howard

Many people who own a car don’t know much about the maintenance of the engine and its proper working process. The engine is a vital part of any vehicle and having proper knowledge about it can increase the efficiency of your car as well. An engine of a car consists of various components that you can buy from https://boodmo.com/catalog/3324-engine/. Apart from this, in this post, we are giving you 10 engine maintenance tips that you must follow for good car care.

# 10 tips for engine maintenance of a car :

If the engine of a car work smoothly then your car will also run efficiently. So, maintaining a car’s engine is very essential to keep it in good running condition and that’s why below we are giving you some tips for its effective maintenance.

  1. Always drive a car with care –

This is one of the basic tips that all car owners must follow. When you start driving then you should accelerate slowly as well as during start-up it’s not good to race the engine of your car. Additionally, it is not a good idea to warm the engine by allowing it to idle in the driveway as it can lead to oil contamination, damaged components, and much more.

  1. Check the cooling system on a regular basis and dilute it –

It is very important to check the cooling system of the engine as in the form of heat lots of energy is lost during combustion. The cooling system of an engine needs both coolant-antifreeze as well as water. But in the cooling system, you should not pour undiluted coolant. It should be diluted with water in the 50-50 ratio as recommended. Hence, always make sure there is sufficient coolant in the tank because it is very significant for heat dissipation.

  1. Change engine oil frequently –

Changing the engine oil at regular intervals is essential because it affects the health of your car’s engine. As engine oil lubricate all moving parts but it also traps lots of dirt and dust. So, for maximizing the engine life it’s important to change the oil frequently as well as maintain the recommended oil level.

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  1. Overfilling crankcase with oil must be avoided –

You should not overfill the crankcase of your engine with oil. In case you do so then the oil may rise into the crankshaft and the air bubbles will get mixed into the oil. So, it may result in overheating and put stress on components of an engine.

  1. Check the air filter –

You must check the air filter that you may find in a four-sided box in a fuel-injected engine or below the metal lid in a carburetted engine. The life of the air filters can be extended by blowing them with compressed air or replacing them if required. Besides, you can look for a good quality air filter and other engine components at Boodmo.

  1. Change the oil filter and fuel filter –

It is good to change the oil filter and fuel filter because the old filter may contain dirty oil that can mix with the clean oil. The fuel filter must be replaced at regular intervals for allowing the free flow of clean oil to pump the engine. Moreover, in the case of an oil filter if you change the oil yourself then by using an anti-seize lubricant you can wipe the filter threads.

  1. Change Spark Plugs –

To ensure the good performance of an engine many experts recommend changing the spark plugs after every 48,000 or 64,000 kilometers. Additionally, you can also notice a faulty spark plug if your car is not starting smoothly as well as if you see a dip in acceleration. All this indicates that there is a need to change spark plugs.

  1. Check the engine lights –

If you see the engine light is on then it indicates your car’s engine is not in good condition. In this case, you should visit a car mechanic and diagnose the problem to avoid further hassles.

  1. Rubber belts must be checked –

Rubber belts help the engine to run effortlessly and keep all processes in tune. So, it’s very essential that these belts are checked frequently for any type of wear or cracks. If you find so, then it’s good to replace them as soon as possible.

  1. Keeping the engine clean –

The last but most important tip for the maintenance of your car’s engine is that you should keep it clean. A clean engine will run cooler as compared to a dirty one. For wiping any gunk you can use simple engine cleaners or grease-cutting detergents.

# Final Words :

Hence, after knowing all the engine maintenance tips given above in the post we hope that you will follow them efficiently. Apart from this, you can buy the various engine components from Boodmo. Here you will find the trustworthy components that will help your car’s engine to run smoother and increase its efficiency.

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