10 Reasons For Choosing a Social Work Degree

10 Reasons For Choosing a Social Work Degree

Social work can be called a science of hope. It promotes social change, development in society, and empowerment of minority communities who are otherwise vulnerable. Social workers help families, communities, and children one-on-one and do their best to help them overcome social challenges that they face.

Choosing a degree in social work is a road to a fulfilling career path with countless opportunities to positively impact people’s lives, both individually and collectively. As a social worker, you have the power to confront social issues of our society and have an impact on shaping legislative policies that will help eradicate the injustices in our legal system.

Below are five reasons you should consider choosing a social work degree.

  • Being The Silver Lining in People’s Life

Social work is all about understanding the social issues raised in our society and striving to help people who fall victim to these issues. To many, social workers come as a silver lining in their lives when things look rather bleak. The profession focuses on helping people overcome life-altering challenges like addiction, mental illness, abuse, disability, unemployment, adoption, foster care, and many others.

Social work degrees do not only help support people but also provide training on how to cooperate with them to improve their quality of life. Social workers help people develop new skills or polish existing ones, which helps them get job opportunities and embrace a proactive attitude.

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  • Great Professional Outlook

According to the history of social work, this profession originated from volunteer work and became a renowned professional in the 1920s. Since then, the profession has gained prestige throughout the upcoming years.

Choosing social work as a profession provides people with the ability to undertake a variety of roles in the community. There are three main categories of social work that can be divided into:

  • Direct Practice Social Work 

This type of social work involves many responsibilities, such as maintaining immediate contact with clients and connecting them to proper resources and services. The direct practice also involves conducting a client’s screening process, determining the client’s eligibility for services and programs that they might be able to avail of, and managing the client’s case attentively. For direct practice, you only need a bachelor’s degree in social work to practice it.

  • Clinical Social Work

Clinical social work is a healthcare profession that focuses on people’s mental well-being. The profession involves diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental illnesses in people facing social challenges. Clinical social workers help these people address their psychological and behavioral issues. These psychological challenges could include trauma, physical disability, family conflict, unemployment, and substance abuse.

Clinical social workers work at many places like the hospital emergency room or other departments, community centers, child welfare communities, eating disorder programs, correctional facilities, palliative care programs, and old homes. To practice clinical social work, you will need a master’s degree in social work and many hours of practice before getting a license.

  • Macro Social Work

Macro social work is a very wide field. It involves changing, negating, or repairing large-scale systematic issues in our society for the betterment of communities and diverse cultures. A wide variety of responsibilities fall on macro social workers, which involves them working in political advocacy groups, universities, non-profit organizations, research institutes, volunteer organizations, and other such institutions.

  • You Will Gain Valuable Skills

The skillset that you develop while completing your degree is valued by many employers. Learning how to communicate and effectively deal with clients with empathy are skills that are used in many other fields as well. A social worker’s patience and problem-solving skills are like no other profession. Social workers can go on to become guidance counselors or enter politics with their diverse skillset.

  • The World Needs More Social Workers

People are facing social injustices and difficulties almost everywhere. Hence, finding a job as a social worker anywhere should not be difficult. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for social workers especially grew with many people losing the breadwinners of their families, children losing parents and the overall trauma that required a social worker’s support to get through.

  • Learn Life Lessons

Often the situations that social workers are put at task to resolve are unique and extreme. Studying about it helps social workers deal with these situations in practical life and learn new things from experience along the way. The profession teaches social workers patience as they deal with often angry clients who might refuse help. It might get overwhelming at times, but you will learn how to cope with your emotions at the end of the day and fall through with the task for the sake of your client. Moreover, you will learn different strengths and weaknesses that you might have never noticed before your fieldwork.

  • Teaches You the True Value of Things

When you see the kind of social injustices or struggles some people or communities are facing, you will learn the true value of the privileges you have been granted in life. There is a dark side of humanity that you are likely to be exposed to during your career as a social worker, and this might detach you from humanity, but the profession also teaches you to hang onto the good in our society and work for the betterment of people who deserve to live in a socially just world.

  • Social Work is Never Boring

If you are someone who hates the idea of sitting behind a desk day in and day out for eight hours, then social work is for you. While social work has its filing and paperwork aspects as well, it mostly deals with fieldwork. It requires you to travel often to engage with your clients, and the job keeps you on your toes.

Social work is a noble profession that offers you the opportunity to work with individuals and communities, placing their needs above your own and being a positive impact on their lives. If you have a passion for all these points, a social work degree will be a great option for you.

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