Why Seek Help From An Agency When Hiring Employees?

By Albert Howard

Do you need to hire a security guard, an architect, an engineer, construction worker, etc? If so, it is strongly recommended that you seek help from trade recruitment agencies. There are some companies that do not consider agencies when hiring employees, as they think that they can do it on their own. Sure, they have an HR department who can do the job, but needless to say, seeking help from an agency is still the best route in case you need employees to work for your company.

Recruitment agency: To convince you that this without a doubt is something you have to seriously consider, reading the benefits of seeking help from an agency when you need employees below is a good idea:

It can give you assurance in terms of hiring the right person for the job

They are the experts in this field, so expect that they can send you the best applicants suited to your job description. The assurance that the person you can hire is the best is one of the reasons why you need to lean on agencies instead of doing the sourcing on your own.

Also, they have the connections, their network is wider than yours, so expect to get more qualified applicants on your roster.

Its saves you time

Why would you or your employees spend time sourcing for applicants, and interviewing non qualified applicants, if you can hire an agency that can filter the right applicants for your available post.

Instead of doing this work, just let yourself and your employees do more productive things for your company’s growth.

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It can help you hire the right person sooner than you expect

As previously said, their network is wide. They have names on their roster that are not on your roster. This is what they primarily do, so expect that they use different tools and techniques in finding the right applicants for the job.

Are you now convinced about this option? If so, the next thing you have to do is finding the right agency to do business with. Out of the many agencies out there, who do you think can provide exactly the service you need?

When in the lookout for the best agency, one of the things that you can do is to ask questions. The more questions you ask the agency, the closer you can get to hiring the best one in the market.

Your employees are the bread and butter of your company, with this, you have to choose an agency as carefully as possible. Do not rush and make sure to spend time checking on their portfolio before finally signing up an agreement with them.

To help you get started, here are a few relevant questions to ask an agency:

When can you send me the right applicants?

You have to ask them for timelines. You are running a company, and delays are never appreciated in this kind of set up. When can they commit to send filtered applicants? How many days do they need to be able to send you your request? The sooner they can send qualified applicants, the better it is for your company.

How are we going to pay you?

In terms of payment, how do they want you to send payment? What are the terms? Do you need to pay per contract or per applicant? You have to make sure that you are aware of the payment option and method the agency requires.

Once you are happy with the agency you are currently talking to, make sure that you seal the agreement with a contract. 

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