The best casual viewing choices on Netflix 

By Albert Howard

Choosing a series, and sticking to it can be quite the commitment, especially when you have the attention span of a fish! For some streaming service subscribers, constantly watching and completing a series from start to finish isn’t always for them. First off, they may not even have the time to dedicate to viewing TV day in day out, and second of all, attempting to get into a series may be quite a task for them. Sometimes, casual viewing is the best option. If you are someone who would prefer to click on the TV or Netflix and select a random episode to watch here and there then hey, we don’t blame you! For some of the best casual viewing choices on Netflix stick around for some recommendations.  

Come Dine with Me 

We all must love a cooking game show, and at times, aside from the starter, main course, and dessert, we are hit with a side of much-loved drama! With five competitive contestants all competing against one another in a dine at home contest, it is each of their missions to gain the winning score overall. If you enjoy cooking yourself, then this is also the perfect show to casually watch to gain some extra cooking knowledge! Although don’t quote us on how successful it will turn out following the contestant’s recipes!  you can also catch episodes on British TV Channel 4. Click here for TV aerial installation.

The Big Bang Theory 

Ahh, Sheldon Cooper, the name of this character just screams unintentional humour. Following Sheldon and his roommate, Leonard lives as extremely knowledgeable physicists with some slight social issues, The Big Bang Theory is for sure one of the greatest casual viewing choices on Netflix. The series itself follows their lives, friendships, relationships, and scientific work lives with the other characters within the show, including Raj, Howard, Penny, Amy, and Bernadette. However, it is such an easy watch that tuning into one episode will provide you with the gist of the storyline and environment straight away. If you need some cheering up be sure to dedicate a quick 25 minutes to this comedy favourite today.  

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We all love watching TV, oh, and criticising some aspects when we sit with others, but what could be better than this? Oh, we know! Sitting in front of your TV screen watching other families across the UK do this instead! This is quite literally all the show, Gogglebox, consists of, but be aware that the producers have picked the stars of the show wisely. Featuring families, friends, and couples, you will without a doubt laugh at the statements made on this hit show, as each week, the individuals watch a selection of TV content to make witty remarks on or even make kind gestures of appreciation! Who knows what we are in for with this lot. Raw footage that will provide laughter for the whole family.  

South Park 

We are sure that this title is not a new one to you, and yes, we are shocked too when we consider that the four stars of South Park are fourth grade 10 year old’s. Six seasons of the much-loved, foul-mouthed, Stan, Kyle, Eric, Kenny, and friends can be found on the streaming platform. Oh, minus Kenny, considering his muffled voice doesn’t really provide him with the opportunity to speak offensively! The adventures taken on by the boys in each episode are simply downright hilarious, especially their voices, and as each episode features a different storyline, South Park is one of the easiest casual viewing choices on Netflix. However, make sure that you don’t take offence to a dark, and sometimes offensive, humour before watching, because there is a lot of it!  

24 Hours in A&E 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work within the emergency department of a hospital? Well, now you don’t have to! Simply tune in to a few episodes of 24 Hours in A&E and I’m sure you will have an idea. These intense episodes are centered around emergency departments all across Britain unfolding the casualties and incidents that find themselves in the A&E department every day. Warning: some parts may get slightly gruesome!

Selling Sunset 

Netflix’s much-loved series, Selling Sunset, is the perfect watch for all you home interior and exterior lovers out there. Not only does the show display wow-factor mansions across the LA district, but it also provides endless amounts of drama between these competitive real estate women working within the leading Oppenheim Group. Although it makes more sense to thoroughly watch the series and episodes in order to understand the characters, if you simply want to take a look at some world-class viewings this show is definitely a must-watch in your free time. 

Mr. Bean 

For a night full of laughter, Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean is where you should start. You could even watch a small clip of this childlike character on YouTube and laugh endlessly. Netflix has only blessed us with one season, but it is the perfect show to watch casually on Netflix for some cheering up. You don’t even need to tune in deeply to be entertained at this timeless show. It is amazing how one character running around in a little green mini can fill us with so much hilarity.  

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