Which Type Of Logo Is Suitable For Your Brand?

By Juliet D'cruz



Walk into your home and look around, be it your car or a water bottle; everything has a logo imprinted on them. Whenever you glance at the logo, it’s perceived as a mere symbol, but that’s never the case. That’s because logos have a hidden meaning and complicated design as compared to what we usually believe. That’s because the logo is defined as an identity that signifies and illustrates your business. With this article, we are sharing different types of logos which are suitable for your brand. 

Every logo is a fine combination of typography and image, yet every logo has a unique feel and looks to it. At this point, it’s only evident that the logo is the brand image that your customers look at, and you obviously don’t want to jinx that first impression. To help you out, we are sharing different types of logos in the article and which of them are sufficient for your business!

Monogram Logos 

The name should say it all – the logo is designed with the brand name, such as HP, NASA, CNN, and HBO. All these logos are for famous businesses and brands, and they have used the initial forms rather than dumping the full names. In simpler words, the companies can show their names in up to three words. What’s best about monogram logos is that people don’t forget these logos. None of these logos have advanced and fancy images. 

Monogram logos are convenient to identify and resonate with nothing but minimalism. These logos are suitable for streamlining the brands with longer names. In simpler words, would you remember Home Box Office or HBO? If later, you know how it works. When brands shift their focus on initials, it’s crucial to choose the most suitable fonts, and you can even ask the designers to customize the font. Also, these fonts can be easily designed with the logo maker. 


These are the new logos surfacing in the design industry, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it looks so much like monogram logos. However, there is a slight difference since these logos don’t focus on printing the initials. Rather, it includes the complete brand name. For instance, Disney, CocaCola, Google, and FedEx are using these wordmarks. It’s a great logo for brands with an easy-to-remember and unique name. 

Wordmark includes the combination of unforgettable typography as it helps develop a unique business identity. It’s obvious that the attention will be on the brand name, so you need to choose the typeface that focuses on the brand essence. If your business is associated with the federal authorities, traditional fonts are better, but if you are in the fashion industry, cutting-edge and modern fonts are more suitable. 

Logo Symbols 

The logo symbols have gained momentum over the course of time, especially when different logos are concerned. The logo symbols are based on icons and graphics. For instance, Target, Twitter, and Apple have logo symbols that are also easy to identify. However, choosing an image can be extremely challenging, so select the logo that resonates with the brand and ups its existence. Also, always think about the broader results of logo symbols, so find something that matches the business. 

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Abstract Logos 

These logos are integrated with pictures, but there is hardly any literal representation. Businesses are free to use geometric forms (abstract, of course) because it helps symbolize the business. For instance, it includes Adidas’ flower, Nike’s swoosh, and the cut-out circle in Pepsi. The abstract logos can easily confine your entire business into a picture-based representation. In addition, you can create customized images that properly define the business. 

It has the capacity to convey the brand’s purpose, and you don’t need to depend on the cultural edge of the graphics. We suggest that you focus on the combination of different elements and colors to add unique meaning to the logo that represents the brand. 

Mascot Logos 

The mascot logos are designed with the illustrated characters, and there are no logos. In the majority of cases, mascot logos include the cartoon figures, vibrant colors, and interesting elements because it creates a unique logo that represents the brand. It’s safe to say that mascot logos can easily become the brand ambassadors for sports teams, service-based companies, and food brands. In simpler words, it has the capacity to create a familiar brand name. It can help create a brand ecosystem that’s unique and engaging. 

Combination Marks 

When it comes down to branding, sticking to one logo type isn’t always essential. For this purpose, the brands can create one logo by mixing up various logos. For instance, you can create a combination of wordmarks and letter logos to create a unique identity. In addition, you can combine the text and pictures to develop a logo that’s never been seen before. If you are looking for examples, MailChimp, Dove, and Burger King are common examples. 

It’s evident that the brand name will have the image, which makes it a promising option for logo designs. It will allow the audience to link the name with the brand name through a symbol. In addition, it provides the flexibility to exclude the name. On top of everything, it creates a unique image, and you won’t have to struggle with trademark issues.

Emblem Logos

It might be the first time you are hearing about this logo because it’s pretty old, but it has become popular and in demand. It is designed with symbols that are integrated with badges, seals, and crests. For the most part, you can opt for emblem logos in case of the auto industry, government authorities, and schools. However, you can always create a modern edge by adding intricate details. Also, these factors result in excellent branding. 

Slime Logos 

The slime logos have become modern logos and are known to have cartoonish elements. For this purpose, the slime-like elements are utilized and can be easily made with the help of a graphic designer. It is suitable for brands working on toys. Now that we have shared so much about the logos, we are sure that you will be able to design custom packaging boxes with logo in no time! 

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