7 Times You Need to Consult a Sexologist That You Didn’t Know About

By Juliet D'cruz

Sex has been taboo for a long time. Although awareness campaigns have been somewhat successful, practicing a healthy sexual lifestyle is far from achieving the status of serious concern in the daily lives of the common people. 

Sex is emphatically connected to our physical, passionate, and psycho-social wellbeing and decides our connections and joy in everyday life. For some, sex is the most amazing aspect of a relationship and gives enormous joy and happiness that helps maintain a strong bond. For such couples, it is a mainstay of solidarity as they infer security and confidence in their relationship through a decent sexual coexistence. Sadly, this does not remain constant. Many battles to track down solutions to their concerns. Many struggles with intimacy and try to escape participation in the actual demonstration. Human relationships are very complicated and sex is an essential part of these relationships. Comprehending and managing sexual issues require a great deal of sensitivity. 

When to consult a sexologist?

The causes of your sexual problems can range from physical to psychological. Hence, suppressing your problems or googling the solutions will most probably mislead you into making your condition worse. These are the 7 times you needed to consult a sexologist that you didn’t know about:

  • Discomfort due to Sex

In case any of the partners or participants in the sexual act experience pain or discomfort during or after intercourse, the experience becomes horrible for the individual or both the partners. Painful intercourse is caused because of many reasons including contaminations, injuries, ulcers, or vaginal dryness. The treatment for the equivalent is accessible and easily available. It is critical to counsel a specialist and get yourself treated than to wait on. Do not give in to fads or quotes like “pleasure-in-pain” that do the rounds. Sexual intercourse should bring satisfaction and not irritation. The problem could be vaginal infection and it can be sorted with the help of probiotics for women’s health. stop recurring BV You can consult sexologists online or in person to discuss your problems.

  • Orgasmic Dysfunction 

Orgasmic dysfunction refers to a condition that happens when somebody experiences issues while arriving at the climax. Climaxes can change in intensity, duration, and recurrence. Climaxes can happen with minimal sexual incitement, yet in some cases substantially more incitement is vital. It very well may be hard to decide the hidden reason for orgasmic dysfunction. Women might experience issues arriving at climax due to physical, enthusiastic, or mental variables. Other health conditions like diabetes or age even medications might come as a hindrance to a healthy sexual lifestyle. Therefore, you must consult sexologists online or otherwise to get to the real root of this problem.

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  • Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation, one of the most common sexual problems, maybe lifelong or acquired. There are a lot of reasons why men suffer from an earlier discharge than desirable. Although the psychological range of causes is there, this problem can be a result of hormone imbalance, abnormalities in neurotransmitters, enlarged or infected prostate or urethra, or congenital factors. Either way, it is not something to gloss over or be embarrassed about. If neglected it may even lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you can consult with sexologists online or by visiting their office, so that the expert can help you figure out the exact cause.

  • Performance Anxiety 

Sexual intercourse is supposed to be a pleasurable experience. However, there may be several factors that might prevent you from enjoying the act. The spectrum of reasons is wide. They range from body image issues to stress. Performance anxiety can even lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is not something to take lightly. Discuss the issue with an expert immediately. For your convenience, you can consult a sexologist online and get the solution to your problem. 

  • Penis Size

The size of the penis incites great anxiety in men. A small penis can influence a man’s self-esteem, making him restless and lack confidence, hence influencing his sexual performance. Many products in the market misdirect men by luring them with solutions. A sexologist might prescribe drugs and hormonal treatments that are safe and effective or also help and come to terms with it. Therefore, you should discuss your issue with sexologists online or by meeting with them physically for an effective treatment.

  • Sex addiction 

Although this problem lacks evidence, compulsive sexual behavior or sex addiction might disrupt your peace of mind, daily life, and familial ties. Nevertheless, the AASECT provided guidelines stating that sex compulsion and pornography fixation are not diagnosable mental issues because of the absence of experimental proof. Either way, address this to sexologists online or in person to get an expert’s help on the issue.

  • Questioning Sexual Orientation 

Sexual orientation addresses the sexual interest of an individual. It can be towards the same sex, another gender, or both genders. A few scientists have recommended that sexual orientation exists as a continuum and cannot be simply classified. Some are confident, some are concerned, some are restless and some have sexual dysfunctions or dysphoria. Doubts about orientation and their validity abound. Guilt is very common among non-conformers. Thus, in a society where awareness regarding sexuality is sparse, it is always advisable to consult sexologists online or visit them when you are facing doubts regarding themselves to have a better perspective.

Just as you trust an expert for everything, it is always recommended to take the opinion of a sexologist when dealing with issues related to sex. With the convenience of technology today, consulting a sexologist from the comfort of your home through the internet can help you get easy solutions to your problems. Sexologists online can assist couples with investigating reasons for their misery and make necessary interventions to rekindle the spark. The job of sexologists, thus, becomes increasingly significant as they assist you with understanding both the psychological and physiological aspects of your sexual problems and achieve appropriate results to make your overall life better. 

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