What is the method used by whitepages to obtain my email address?

By Albert Howard

You’ve probably thought about how businesses use whitepages to access your personal information. After you come to find out that your name is listed on whitepages that you must go through the difficult procedure of whitepages remove listing. In general, WhitePages receives its numbers from telephone businesses, but the website acknowledges that it gathers data from other sources, including social media, information supplied by third-party or first-party apps and also from the Internet. If you post it publicly, WhitePages is probably crawling for it, and likely to link it to your account.

In the meantime, until stronger measures are implemented by industry or through the government In the meantime, there are a number of actions which you may take to safeguard your privacy and stop indefinite gathering of your personal information by third party.

You are able to opt-out of a lot of people searching and data brokerage services which collect personal data. Additionally, you must be aware of innovations in the area. How do they collect our data?

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There are many ways to get the address.

through Public records

The easiest method is via public records. When someone else has answered questions like registration for vehicles as well as home ownership and even information about voting is public records that is available at a cost of a few dollars. Some states permit the creation of an individual record to avoid this from happening and require you to pay for it, however some states don’t permit you to make information public.

Purchase from online retailers:

Another option is to purchase this information from stores whether offline (such as department stores) or via the internet. Before the advent of the internet, obtaining addresses and telephone numbers was a an enormous business because many businesses offered the information to Telemarketers. Numerous companies sell this information to data brokers. They even make up details. For instance, if for example you provided a telephone number to the site you use for two-factor authentication, the company will be able to identify your address by examining your phone number by analyzing the records of a data broker.

One could find your name and the town you reside in from websites like LinkedIn or Quora and locate your phone number and address through data brokers that hold data provided by other businesses.

Once your data is published stored on these websites, it’s virtually impossible to change it. I recall years ago having my non-listed address and phone number listed in one of the websites. In order to have the information deleted, they needed to jump through many hoops to jump through, like some require you sending faxes an address and establish an account on their site. Some will require you to pay to remove your personal information.


The most effective way to stay clear of these lists is to never give your address or telephone number with anyone who is online or offline. Also, be sure to go through the privacy and terms of service policies to find out whether you have given them permission to share your personal information with them.

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