What Is Sick Industry?

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What Is Sick Industry?

The term “sick industry” refers to a sector or specific businesses within an industry that are experiencing significant financial distress, operational inefficiencies, and a decline in performance. These industries often face challenges such as obsolete technology, changing market dynamics, regulatory issues, or poor management practices. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of sick industries, the factors contributing to their decline, the implications for the economy, and potential remedies to revive these struggling sectors.

Identifying A Sick Industry:

A sick industry can be recognized through various indicators, including:

  1. Financial Distress: A sick industry typically exhibits financial instability, such as declining revenues, mounting debts, low-profit margins, or consistent losses. These financial challenges may stem from factors such as increased competition, inadequate pricing strategies, or inefficient cost management.
  2. Declining Market Share: Sick industries often witness a significant reduction in market share, accompanied by a loss of customer trust and loyalty. This decline can be attributed to factors like the emergence of new technologies, changing consumer preferences, or inability to adapt to evolving market trends.
  3. Obsolete Technology: Industries relying on outdated or inefficient technology are more susceptible to becoming sick industries. Failure to invest in research and development, upgrade infrastructure, or adapt to technological advancements can hinder competitiveness and hinder long-term growth.
  4. High Employee Turnover: Sick industries may experience high employee turnover due to job insecurity, lack of growth opportunities, or an unfavorable work environment. This turnover can further contribute to productivity decline and affect the overall industry’s performance.

Implications Of Sick Industries:

  1. Economic Impact: Sick industries can have detrimental effects on the overall economy. They can lead to job losses, reduced tax revenues, and lower economic growth. The ripple effects of a sick industry can be felt across related sectors and supply chains, creating a negative economic cycle.
  2. Social Consequences: The decline of a sick industry can result in social challenges, such as unemployment, reduced wages, and increased inequality. This can impact local communities and lead to social unrest if not addressed promptly.
  3. Strain on Government Resources: Governments may need to intervene to support sick industries, either through financial assistance, policy reforms, or other measures. This can strain public resources and divert funds from other critical areas.

Reviving Sick Industries:

  1. Policy Reforms: Governments can play a vital role in reviving sick industries by implementing supportive policies, regulatory changes, and incentives. This may include promoting innovation, providing financial assistance, facilitating industry collaboration, or creating a favorable business environment.
  2. Technological Upgradation: Investing in research and development and adopting advanced technologies can help sick industries regain competitiveness. Embracing automation, digitalization, and sustainable practices can drive efficiency and productivity improvements.
  3. Industry Collaboration: Encouraging collaboration among industry stakeholders, including companies, trade associations, and research institutions, can foster knowledge sharing, innovation, and collective problem-solving. This collaboration can lead to industry-wide transformations and rejuvenation.
  4. Restructuring and Reorganization: In some cases, sick industries may require restructuring or reorganization to streamline operations, eliminate inefficiencies, and adapt to changing market dynamics. This may involve mergers, acquisitions, divestments, or operational restructuring measures.


Sick industries pose significant challenges to the economy, workforce, and overall business landscape. Identifying the root causes of their decline and implementing appropriate remedies are essential for their revival. Governments, industry players, and stakeholders need to collaborate and take proactive measures to address the underlying issues, such as financial distress, technological obsolescence, and market disruptions. By revitalizing sick industries, societies can mitigate the negative social and economic impacts while fostering sustainable growth and resilience in the evolving business environment

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What Do You Mean By Sick Industry?

Understanding the Sick Industrial Companies Act (SICA)

The act defined a sick industrial unit as one that had existed for at least five years and had incurred accumulated losses equal to or exceeding its entire net worth at the end of any financial year.

What Is The Sick Industry In India?

What is Industrial Sickness? As per the definition of the Reserve Bank of India, a sick unit is one such industrial unit that has been in loss for the past year of operations and has been declared on a loss for the present and coming year as well by the financing bank.

What Is A Sick Industry In Rbi?

According to the criteria accepted by the Reserve Bank of India, “a sick unit is one which has reported cash loss for the year of its operation and in the judgment of the financing bank is likely to incur cash loss for the current year as also in the following year.” Know in detail about the Reserve Bank of India RBI …

What Are Sick Industries In Msme?

The sick industrial companies (special provision) Act 1985 identifies sickness in terms of cash losses for two consecutive financial years and accumulated losses equaling or exceeding the net worth of the company at the end of the second financial year.


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