What Is SBI PO Syllabus For Economy And Banking Awareness?

By Juliet D'cruz

The SBI PO exam is considered to be one of the most important exams in the banking sphere. The SBI PO exam has two tests: prelims and mains. To appear for the main exam, one must first clear the preliminary exam. The SBI PO syllabus for both the examinations is different and covers different important aspects.

The preliminary exam tests three major abilities of a candidate: reasoning ability, english language skills and quantitative aptitude. Total marks allotted for this exam are 100, and the time allotted is 1 hour. On the other hand, the mains exam covers five major aspects: data analysis and interpretation, reasoning ability, general/ economy/ banking awareness, english language and computers. The main paper carries 200 marks, and the time allotted for the exam is 3 hours.

To ace both examinations, it is essential to analyse the syllabus and work on it carefully. SBI PO syllabus for economy and banking awareness is discussed below. 

SBI PO Syllabus for economy and banking awareness

Important topics in the SBI PO Syllabus for economy and banking include the following. You can prepare the following important topics on BYJU’S Exam Prep that provides you with the best study material.

Current Affairs

The current affairs section deals with important events and phenomena occurring around us; it covers diverse fields such as sports, international events, politics, important dates, etc. It covers not only national events but also international ones. This subject is important because it makes a person aware of everything. It is a scoring section in the banking and economy section.

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Financial Awareness

As the name suggests, the subject of financial awareness discusses the important details one needs to know about banking finance. Banking and finance are closely related and therefore, this section must be covered carefully.

General Knowledge

Another important aspect covered in the syllabus of the SBI PO exam is general knowledge. This subject includes a background knowledge of almost all subjects so that the candidate is well aware of the basics of all subjects. It is yet another important section in which people usually lose most marks.

Static Awareness

Static awareness is included in the SBI PO syllabus for economy and banking awareness to make the candidates aware of the different aspects of statistics. Having a basic understanding of statistics is crucial since this is another field that is closely linked to banking.

Knowledge of Banking Terminologies

This section requires the candidates to be familiar with important terminologies in the banking sector.  

Banking Awareness

The banking awareness section is designed to make the candidates aware of the different functions of a bank. It also deals with the basic rules, working and other aspects so that the candidate is aware of the basic requirements.

Principles of Insurance

Insurance is one of the most important policies of a bank. Thus, to enter the banking sphere, having basic knowledge around insurance is an important prerequisite. 

Economic and banking awareness is an essential subject of the SBI PO Syllabus. It deals with major topics such as current affairs, principles of insurance, banking awareness, banking terminologies, and financial awareness.

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