How to make money teaching online?

By Juliet D'cruz

Teaching online is a great way for educators to make a 5-figure income or more. The perks are the freedom to work from wherever they are and generate an attractive income while doing so. Teaching online classes allows you to share your expertise about the subject that interests and inspires you. Whether you are an artist, chef, musician, fitness trainer, nutritionist, English teacher, or any subject expert, you have valuable skills that you can monetize. 

While for some tutors it might take some time to generate a good amount of revenue, for some it happens quickly. Every online teacher is going to have different expectations and goals when it comes to making money teaching online

We understand this and in this blog, we have compiled the most effective ways for online tutors to make money. 

How much money can you make tutoring online?

As we said in the beginning, some educators take it up as a full-time job to make thousands of dollars by tutoring online. Whereas some just earn enough to generate side income in addition to their regular jobs. 

Some factors play an important role when assessing how much money you can make teaching online. 

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Your expertise in the subject area influences the amount of money you can make. If you are an expert in a micro-niche where the competition is less but demand is high, you can definitely charge more. 


Specific subject offerings and niche-oriented demands have higher price points than generic subjects and online courses. 

Profit margin

The amount of money you spend to create online lessons or courses is one of the significant aspects to consider. The higher you spend; the more price you need to charge to make a decent profit margin.

How to teach online and generate income

To make money teaching online, you must have a clear plan on how you will execute the entire process. Even if you are an experienced teacher, you might require a little help in putting everything together to run a profitable online teaching business. Here are some of the steps you can follow to teach online and make money. 

Decide what you want to teach

The first step to running a profitable online tutoring business and making money is to choose a subject area of your choice. You might have expertise in one or more subjects but make sure you choose the one that you are more passionate about. 

To find a niche to offer your tutoring services, ask the following questions. 

  • What are you most skilled at teaching?
  • What are the subjects that you are passionate about?
  • What is the market demand right now?

What you have to keep in mind is that if you are teaching a specialized topic that is harder for your learners without support. Therefore, your price should reflect this. 

Acquire the right skills to teach online

There are no specific skill sets that all online tutor’s must-have. However, it would be easier for you to grow your business if you acquire the following skills before you start teaching online. 

Computer knowledge

As you are going to teach online, make sure you acquire basic computer skills like using basic software and other tools like word documents, web browsers, spreadsheets etc. 

Communication skills

This is an obvious feature that every online educator must-have. Having good communication skills will help you when you are creating audio and video-based study materials. If you are a great speaker, consider creating video-based lessons and if you are a better writer, integrate text-based content into your lessons. 

Marketing acumen

Learn the basics of marketing like social media marketing, blogging essentials, email marketing, and other tools to build an engaging audience. Learn about popular marketing tools and strategies which can help you make money by tutoring online. 

Create the right teaching setup

The tools and technology you require depend on the type of online courses you are creating or the classes you want to offer. If you want to schedule live classes or podcasts, you must need a webcam and a mic, at a bare minimum. You must also need video editing software as well to eliminate any background distractions.  

While technology is important, what is more important is your teaching style. If you can nail the right attitude, the right tone, and learning materials, you can easily make money with online tutoring. 

Build an online tutoring site

To make money teaching online, the first thing you need is a website to host your online classes and self-paced courses. A tutor management software can help you create your own online tutoring website and start making money. 

Use an online tutoring software like Pinlearn which comes with both basic and advanced features to teach online. It is essentially a tutoring software that allows you to connect tutors and learners to facilitate online learning.  

Revenue generation strategies to adopt

Teaching online and making money becomes easy if you follow the right revenue generation strategies. When you are starting out you can sell individual content or price your online classes on a pay-per-class basis. When you advance to the next level after growing your subscriber base, adopt subscription-based monetization to earn recurring revenue. 

Allowing your students to enjoy premium access to exclusive eLearning content by paying a one-time fee (highly-priced) is a great idea. Instead of going with a single monetization strategy the best approach is to adopt a combination of a few revenue models so that you can maximize the revenue you make. 


Tutoring online and sharing your expertise with your target audience is a rewarding career choice. However, to make good revenue from sharing your knowledge with people, you need to put in good efforts. Create a solid business plan which is a blueprint of how you are going to teach classes online and start bringing it into action step-by-step. 

Conducting online classes and running online courses on your own teaching platform can be the best option if you want to grow your tutoring business and make a good amount of revenue from it.

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