Top Tools to Skyrocket Your Productivity as a Student

By Juliet D'cruz

Our global education system has influenced technology in more ways than one, and directly or indirectly, it has brought significant benefits for the students. Today, students employ the internet for more than fun. It is the primary source of information. Students often use the internet to take online courses, seek homework and assignment help from notable platforms like TopAssignmentExperts, and do so much more academically. The internet has also become a primary learning source that aids students in completing their study projects. To ensure that you are productive through all of this, you may require some tools. These tools ensure that you complete your tasks timely and aid in boosting your productivity and ensuring efficient time usage. So, here in this article, we will address a few tools that can help skyrocket your productivity. Let us get started and address them one by one. 


Over the years, Zoho has become a significant part of students’ lives. It is a remarkable tool that can help the students manage their academic presentations in an easy-to-access manner. The app is also vitally helpful and enables you to organize your large documents without losing focus while tackling them. Zoho is easy to use and assures a good flexibility level. Thus, it is a hugely convenient app for students wanting to boost their productivity levels. You can import and export all document formats as Zoho supports almost all of the formats. Hence, on the app, you can focus on your work without any distractions. There is a web and a mobile version of the app that you can utilize to access the documents on the smartphone as required. The data across different platforms is auto-synced. 

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Write Monkey

If you feel constantly distracted while writing your assignments, then Write Monkey is the app for you. It will ensure that your absolute focus is on the assignments that you are working on. There is a full-screen mode in the app, which aids in keeping all the distractions at bay by blocking all the apps and websites that may be distracting. An incredible feature of the app is that it can be conducive for students who find it hard to compile their assignments, thanks to features such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, spell check, and word stats. There is also an option wherein you can learn more about the subject of your assignment. If your assignment seems challenging to you despite this, there are experts at TFTH to guide you. 

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Take Regular Breaks

You may see it or not but taking a break is a quintessential step towards boosting your productivity. The problem with students is they sit down with a task and try to cram the subject for hours at length, and after a point, it just does not seem to work. It is because their mind is exhausted and starts giving up. So, even what you have memorized in the past couple of hours starts wiping off. Please understand your brain as a storage hub. So, it can only handle as much information as it can before you begin stuffing more in it. If you go on adding things, its retention ability will go for a toss. Hence, it is vital to take breaks because you will achieve nothing but fatigue and stress if you keep pushing your mind beyond its ability levels.

In contrast, taking regular breaks will combat stress and boost your productivity levels. You need to ensure that after every two to three hours of continuous work or studies, you take a 15-30 minute break. Of course, we cannot tell you how often or how many breaks you need to take in a day. So, you can follow a schedule and see what works best for you, and you can enter the same in the Take Regular Breaks’ app accordingly


Students in college or university are loaded with tons of tasks and deadlines. There are lectures to attend, assignments to finish, projects to compile, and homework to complete. If you struggle with the thorough management of all these tasks, then Mind Genius is the perfect app. It is a mind mapping app. You can use the app to complete your tasks in time and efficiently. You can also delegate a few of your assignments to homework experts at EduWorldUSA

The app is paid but comes with a free trial period of 30-days. You can first use the trial version of the app and then move on to the paid version if you find the trial version effective. It is an easy-to-use app, which has a user-friendly interface. This fast-paced app is very convenient for students from all grades. You can have this tool work according to your mind or change the app’s template and then map the information organized by you. 

Bottom Line

So, these are the top four best software that can help you boost your productivity. But, of course, this is not an exclusive list. Hence, if you have any app suggestions or an app that’s been working well for you, you can share it with us in the comment section below. We would love to share it with our readers. 

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