Real Estate from Baltimore To Philadelphia

By Juliet D'cruz

The real estate market has grown to offer more options to sell your property rather than just the traditional method of listing the property on market with a real estate agent! The growth of the real estate industry has now allowed homeowners a quicker and easier way of selling their property. The different options besides on market sales will be for sale by owner, which the homeowner will represent themselves or a fast home sale as is to investors. The fast home sale as is allows property owners to make no renovations or repairs to sell the property, it also allows for a sale to be completed in a few weeks compared to a few months. Buying Property 215 specializes in two real estate markets, Baltimore real estate & Philadelphia real estate! This family-owned company provides every aspect of real estate from the traditional route to the quick as is form of selling property. Every homeowner has diverse needs when it comes time to sell, we understand at times you may be forced to “sell house fast Baltimore” that’s why Buying Property 215 is there for your every need. The process of selling property does not have to be challenging & overwhelming, explore your options and decide on what is the best route to take. Over the years, Buying Property 215 has been a leader in “we buy houses Philadelphia” With dozens of properties purchased & renovated. A couple of years ago they expanded where they purchased property and began completing projects around Baltimore. This transition was simple because the homes are remarkably similar in Philadelphia & Baltimore. In both cities majority of the properties are rowhomes, so they carried over the same concepts. Being able to quickly adapt to the similar real estate market, Buying Property 215 became experts in the Baltimore real estate market. Now, you can also think of buying a house in Arizona.

Benefits of choosing Buying Property 215:

There is plenty more benefits of selling to Buying Property 215 besides the choose of which method to utilize to sell your property. This family-owned real estate company allows for the sale to be completed upon your terms on a timeline that works best for the seller. Being able to choose the date of closing takes a lot of pressure off the seller, it would not be a race against time to complete the sale. These two brothers purchase property as is, which allows for the homeowners to leave the property in the current condition with no updates or repairs requested. You are not even required to clean the property out of furniture, personal items, garbage, etc. There are no required inspections of the property & no contingencies holding up the sale. When you sell to Buying Property 215 you pay absolutely no fees, including closing cost or real estate agent commissions. Paying no commissions frees up to 6% more profit for the homeowner, while paying no closing costs allows the property owner to save 1% to 3% of the total sales price. The traditional method of selling property on market can be a lengthy process that takes up to a year to complete. When it is time to sell property on market, you will make any required repairs and updates to prepare the home to be staged. After the home is approved to hit the market, you will be forced to patiently wait for a qualified buyer to come along to purchase your property. If the buyers finance gets denied the process will have to reset. When you “sell house fast Baltimore” to Buying Property 215, you will be provided with a proof of funds to show they are ready to complete the process within twenty-one days if desired.

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Quick sale process:

If you decide the best way to sell your property will be to sell fast than reach out to Buying Property 215. Once a sales price is discussed and agreed upon both parties will sign a brief two-page agreement of sale. This agreement of sale simply states the homeowner will be selling the property for the specified sales price. The agreement of sale will be sent over to a local reputable title company to begin the title search to provide a clear title on the property. The title search typically takes a week or two for the underwriter/title company to complete. Once the title is clear and ready to be transferred, the title company will discuss the most appropriate time to schedule a closing date and closing time. At the closing we will finish signing any required documents, after signing documents the funds will be released to the seller through the title company. The seller has the option of receiving the funds by paper check or having the funds wired to your bank account. Shortly after the sale is complete, Buying Property 215 will be brought in local contractors to make any repairs, updates, or renovations on the property to get it to their standards to hold the property as a rental! 

A little about Buying Property 215:

Buying Property 215 is a family owned and operated real estate solutions company located in Philadelphia. Two brothers raised around real estate always had a strong passion for helping others! Over the years Ryan and Ian assisted numerous families defeat the obstacles of undesirable circumstances such as being trapped in a dangerous neighborhood, living conditions being harsh because the house requires too many costly repairs, & facing pre-foreclosure that will cause the family to be homeless if the situation is not resolved. These two brothers realized there is much more to real estate than buildings/lots, majority of the time these buildings are sentimental or linked to memories for these families. These homes are usually much more than wood and concreate, Buying Property 215 will do whatever it takes to approach any situation with compassion & the utmost effort to satisfy your home selling needs. This family-owned real estate company is not only limited to purchasing single family houses, Buying Property also specializes in the purchase & construction of multi-family homes, multi-use properties, commercial buildings, and empty lots! No matter the type of property, the overall condition, or situation – Buying Property 215 guarantee is the highest no-obligation offer on your property!

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