By Juliet D'cruz

Bond is when the two sleep alongside each other in whatever way they are comfortable. During this time, people are often more affectionate with one another in their dreams, and signal that they need to be closer to their partner emotionally. The downside is that it may decrease the partner’s ability to sleep well or have nightmares because of possible bumping into each other in the middle of the night.

Couples Sleeping Positions

Logs – You lie on the side of your partner.  That is, if you are lying down and your partner lies beside you facing in the same direction as you, one of you will be at a “log” angle while the other will be at a “right angle.” Essentially this position accommodates couples that need some space from one another while sleeping.

Spooning – The couple lies on their sides with legs entwined together and backs pressed against each other’s chest. It takes both partners to get into this position so there is no starting or ending point for either person in the relationship, which eliminates power struggles during pre-sleep negotiations of who gets what side of the bed to sleep on.  Good size pillow is also important, so there are various pillow sizes available in the market. Go and  select according to your preference

Back To Back, Facing Opposite Sides – This position is great because it leaves the front of one person accessible for hugging while keeping both people close together. It can leave someone feeling claustrophobic though.

This position is not good if either partner has issues with snoring or motion sickness since the other’s movement could cause increased discomfort.

Front To Back – This position can be quite intimate but unless one person never moves at all it usually leads to sleep apnea problems for one individual and this leads them to get less restful sleep throughout the night. 

Side by side, same face, arms wrapped around each other in a hug- This position is the most romantic option but also takes up a lot of space.

Butterfly -The ‘butterfly’ position is the most standard. This way, both people are on their side and facing one another. It gives each person equal access to wrap an arm around the other person. The downside for this position is when one of you wants to roll over in your sleep, it can be tough if your partner’s attached at the hip.

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Tips For Better Sleep In Night

Common sleeping patterns and sleeping positions for couples can have serious consequences. Many times, a common problem is one partner often sleeps on his back or stomach when in fact this is not comfortable. He may also be uncomfortable with the position and think it is a poor position that leads to insomnia. Here are some ideas to help you start your better nights of rest.

Commode- Commode related accidents are the leading cause of nocturnal enuresis. It is important to select a bed that can fit two people. It is necessary that you always sleep in a commode with a ring to help keep the area clean. This is one of the most common causes of nocturnal emissions because the ring collects all of the semen making up your last meal and places it in your intestines at night. Make sure the commode is always clean and free of dirt or other foreign matter.

Avoid Snoring – If you are a snorer there are many things you can do to stop. The first is to lose weight. If you have excess fat over the abdominal area this increases the possibility of you snoring at night. Losing even 10 pounds can drastically reduce your snoring during the night. You might also want to consider wearing a mouthpiece to hold the teeth while you sleep.

Eat Less -Too Much Food at One Time Have you ever had a nightmare of waking up beside a friend who had too much food the night before? If so, this could be a common culprit. This can also lead to irregular periods, fatigue, cramps, bloating, headaches, and more. Sometimes women experience these same symptoms and are unsure what it is. It’s important to know that if you feel tired and sluggish during the day that you should eat less.

Eating Wrong Food -Eating the wrong foods at night can also contribute. Eating more food at night time means that you are probably not getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep. This can be very bad for your health. If you need more sleep then find ways to induce it. Consider herbal teas, listening to soft music in the background, or taking a warm bath before bed.

Use a Panic Attack Remedy – There are many people who deal with the symptoms of a panic attack every single day. They can be crippling and hard to control. You should see if you can find a product that helps you deal with them. These can be found in many health stores or online. One of the best ones is from Prozac.

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Create A Sanctuary In Your Bedroom -Use books and relaxing CD’s to get away to a peaceful sleep. You can even try meditation techniques to calm yourself before bed. These are all 

Sleep In Separate Rooms –You don’t want to wake your husband up in the middle of the night because you are worrying about his sleeping habits. A great way to make sure that he gets a good night’s sleep is to sleep in his own room. This helps to ensure that he doesn’t start thinking that another woman is in the home during his night of rest.

Try Not To Argue During The Night – Arguing with your husband can cause a lot of damage to the relationship. If you do decide to get into an argument, make sure you do it away from him so he won’t be able to see what is happening. Many men will lose their minds if they are constantly interrupted while they are trying to sleep. Try to avoid fighting with him as much as possible.


The best sleep for couples is when they are in the same position. It reduces snoring and provides a more restful night’s sleep. So, if you’re looking to have a good night’s rest with your partner, try sleeping on the opposite side of them or taking turns being positioned next to each other at least once every few nights. This will help both of you get better quality sleep 

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