How Many Auto Fatalities Per Year: A Guide for Victims’ Families

By Juliet D'cruz

We’re still facing a car accident fatality crisis. Even though fewer people were driving in 2020, there were increased motor crash deaths.

There’s nothing worse in the world than losing a loved one, but it’s especially difficult if you lose them in a car accident that could have been prevented. That’s why it’s important to know the auto fatalities per year and understand what we can do to reduce this number. It’s also beneficial to know what you need to do if you lose a loved one due to a car accident.

Here are the answers to all of your questions and the first steps you need to take.

The Auto Fatalities Per Year

In the year 2020, there were nearly 40,000 motor crash deaths. While this number increased, yearly auto crash deaths have been in the 35,000 – 40,000 range per year since 2017.

According to the NHTSA, the main reasons for these crashes and deaths include speeding, impaired driving, and failure to wear a seat belt. In addition, distracted driving was also another main culprit behind auto crashes and deaths during the pandemic.

Previously, distracted driving was defined as doing multiple tasks while driving, such as texting, talking on the phone, talking to passengers, and eating. With fewer drivers on the road, many drivers thought they could get away with these dangerous habits.

The pandemic created extra stress and pressure, so their minds were preoccupied while driving. This stress was usually from work, finances, medical emergencies, and the overall inability to shut off the mind.

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How to Reduce the Risk of a Car Accident

Everyone can take strides to reduce car accidents and motor crash damages, such as:

  • Wear a seatbelt and follow all laws when using car seats for children
  • Don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve had alcohol or other substances
  • Get regular vehicle inspections and ensure your vehicle has excellent safety standards
  • When learning how to drive, take professional driving courses
  • Always stay aware and alert when you’re behind the wheel

While this advice seems common sense, this will all help prevent car accidents in the long term.

What to Do If a Loved One Has Died in an Auto Accident?

Did a loved one recently pass as a result of auto accident injuries? If so, here are your next steps.

Check Their Insurance Policy

Most car insurance policies include Personal Injury Protection (PIP). This provides funeral benefits, usually up to $10,000. In addition, the other driver’s insurance may offer benefits to the victim. This could be beneficial if the fatality involved a passenger or a pedestrian.

Contact a Lawyer

At the same time, you shouldn’t handle insurance companies without the help of a lawyer.

If you can prove your loved one’s death was the result of negligence and unsafe driving, you can hire a lawyer to file a claim against the other drivers. Lawyers such as the ones at Sweet Lawyers can do what they can to get you the compensation you deserve.

Reduce Auto Fatalities

Unfortunately, there are still many auto fatalities per year — even though fewer people are driving. Understand how many people die every year as a result of auto accident fatalities, know how to prevent them, and know what to do if a loved one passes from a car accident.

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