Safety Tips for Using CBD Oil for Your Pet Dogs

By Juliet D'cruz

CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural compound gotten from cannabis and hemp. Because of how promising and beneficial it is becoming, many dog owners are using it as an alternative treatment for treating different health issues. Cannabidiol oil has lots of health benefits not only for humans but for pets too. There are lots of anecdotal evidence from dog owners that CBD oil provides many health benefits for dogs.

Many pet owners have reported that oil can treat seizures, anxiety, epilepsy, pain, arthritis, and many other health conditions. Research might not have to be carried out on the risk that comes from using it, but there are still sides effects that affect humans that use it that you should watch out for when using it for your dog. So, it is wise to start with a lower dosage, watch the effects on the dog and know whether to continue it or not if you like to put it to use.

Is Cannabidiol Legal to use in dogs?

Most of the top CBD brands are legal for use in the United States and in several other countries as well. Well, here’s why: Hemp products such as CBD oil are entirely legal, provided the amount of THC in them is below 0.3%. Legal concerns only arise when the products are made from plants with high THC. So, the simple answer is yes. It’s legal to use this product on your dogs if a licensed veterinarian prescribes it.

Benefits of Using it on dogs

  • It’ll stimulate their appetite, reduce inflammation and anxiety, ease pain, and control seizures resulting in epilepsy.
  • It boosts their heart health, soothes nausea, and treats many other health issues dogs might have. This link has more details of the potential benefits of using CBD oil for pets. 

The Potential Risk from Using It

There is not so much information on the risks that come with using it for dogs. Experts are not yet sure on the proper doses or what amount that can be toxic. Based on humans’ side effects, you need to watch for the following when using it on your dog. 

Lower Blood pressure

A high amount of it can cause a limited period of drop in blood pressure; even a little drop can cause lightheadedness.

Dry mouth

Your dog may always become very thirsty but for a limited period because CBD reduces the amount of saliva your dog makes.


It can make your dog always sleep because of its’ calming effects, especially when you give it a high dose.

Fertility: consult a veterinary doctor before using it because some reports show it causes fertility problems for animals exposed.

Safety tips to consider when using it for dogs

Some of the tips to avoid complications with using cannabis products for pets includes 

Begin with small doses

When using it for treatment for the first time, start with a lower dose, monitor its effect, and stop when you notice any complications. Research recommends that dosage be based on the dog’s weight, which is 2mg/kg. You should have a vet who knows about CBD and has an idea about the dosage to give your dog because the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) has yet to establish and regulate the doses given to dogs.

Don’t use Hemp oil

Some manufacturers will label their Hemp oil as CBD oil and depict it as beneficial for your health. The truth is that hemp has little or no CBD, so it is not an alternative for dogs. If CBD is added to it, then you can use it for your dogs but always check the COA (Certificate of Analysis) on the label. You can check the Holistapet website for some of the best selections of CBD oil that will be effective for pets. 

Choose Cannabidiol oil that has no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

Since CBD is gotten from cannabis and hemp plants, cannabis has more than 0.3% THC, and hemp has 0.3%. Even if Cannabidiol can’t make the dog high, it still contains that tiny amount of THC, which in any percentage can be toxic and cause diarrhea, vomiting, and other severe reactions. Check for products with no THC in them.

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Buy Liquid of it

The best form to administer Cannabidiol oil is in the liquid form because, in the oil form, you can adjust the dosage bit by bit.

Check for an Analysis 

Manufacturers should show a certificate that certifies the amount of CBD in the products and ensures no THC.

Buy Organic Cannabidiol oil.

Even if you can’t get the organic type, it shouldn’t contain fungi, pesticides, or solvents.

Certificate of Analysis(COA)

 Always check the COA on the label. It will include the lab test result and the amount of THC in the products. For dogs, it shouldn’t contain any THC in it.

The three tests to check on the COA

  1. Heavy metal Test: Check the result for any pollutant like lead.
  2. Pesticide Test: Check for pesticides because other plants contaminate some organic CBD products
  3. Microbial Test: Check results for pathogens like Salmonella or E. Coli.


Don’t look at the cost because higher purity and quality are majorly associated with high costs. Most cheaper ones may contain pesticides, fungicides, or even heavy metals. Your CBD oil should always be free from all these, and it shouldn’t contain any THC, solvents, or additives.

Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol oil

It is beneficial for dogs because apart from containing CBD, it also contains many natural cannabinoids and terpenes. This page has more details about the broad spectrum cannabidiol oil. 


The risk or safety associated with using CBD(Cannabidiol) Oil for dogs is yet to be thoroughly researched and documented, so we don’t know the amount of dose that will be toxic for dogs and other pets. It is recommended to start with a lower dose, closely monitor the effects of changes on them, stop when you notice any complications, and consult a veterinary doctor whenever a need may arise. 

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