Important Facts about Popular Face Masks for Protection against Coronavirus

By Juliet D'cruz

The demand for N95 particulate respirator masks and the disposable surgical mask has soared all over the world after increasingly reported cases of Delta variant. While different face coverings have varying performance depending on the filter, it is also important to don and doff the mask carefully to minimize the chances of transmitting the virus onto other surfaces. An effective face mask should fulfill the actual purpose of blocking germs so they don’t propel further whether the wearer is a carrier or is at risk of being exposed to infectious surroundings. Choosing the best mask will ensure that the wearer and surroundings are both safe options which will ultimately lead to a coronavirus-free world sooner.

At, buyers can find top-rated mask options from reputed brands to protect against the highly contagious COVID and Delta variant. The availability of high-quality N95 particulate respirators made in USA and durable surgical masks at reasonable prices assures safety from COVID-19 and seasonal threats. There’s no better place to find the best personal protective equipment from all reliable sources and save yourself time for other important tasks. Buyers should understand the basic difference between various mask types to choose what’s most suitable for their needs. Here are some important facts about the most popular face masks to help you build a better understanding of how they work against infectious diseases.

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N95 Particulate Respirator Mask

The most effective and highly coveted N95 face masks are designed to fit snuggly with comfortable shapes. The face mask features latex-free dual head straps and adjustable metal clips for easy and comfortable daily use. These masks are the safest option to protect from the novel coronavirus and it is critical to ensure that there is no exhalation valve included having detrimental effects for spreading out the virus otherwise. The valve allows the exhaled air to escape out of the mask which may transmit the virus if the wearer is a carrier himself. Though many of us don’t know if we are carrying the viral pathogens until the symptoms start to appear, the virus takes full advantage by infecting more and more people during the incubation period. Wearing an N95 mask with an exhalation valve will do no good as it has a one-way valve releasing unfiltered exhaled air in the immediate surroundings to risk people around the carrier with potential exposure to the virus. So, buyers should prioritize N95 particulate respirators without exhalation valves with a little compromise on breathability or choose disposable surgical masks instead.

Disposable Surgical Mask 

People have disposable surgical masks in stock for regular use as these are not as expensive as N95 respirators. These masks are easy to wear loose-fitting masks that allow the wearer to breathe more comfortably with a three-layer filter made with synthetic materials. The filter is efficient enough to block large airborne particles provided the wearer secures a tight seal around the edges by tying a knot or twisting the ear loops. The front of the mask should not be touched once you adjust it snuggly to cover the nose and mouth. Also, make sure that your hands are clean before you put on or remove the face masks for optimal performance efficiency. Disposable surgical masks and N95 particulate respirators are both single-use masks to protect you from exposure to pathogens in the air while cloth masks were a considerable option during the initial phase of coronavirus. While the cloth masks are not as efficient as the most preferred N95 masks and surgical masks, those were still better to have a face-covering than being exposed fully to the infectious particles in their surroundings.

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