Radon Gas- How it Affects the Housing System and Ways to Test it

By Juliet D'cruz

Radon gas has proven to affect the lungs of a human being badly. It is not good to stay in a house that has this gas within or in surroundings. It cannot be experienced because it is an odorless and colorless gas. That’s why it is suggested to go for radon testing in New Jersey so that the early detection can be done and you can save your family members from getting sick. It is important to understand some vital facts about radon gas.

Factors affecting the presence of radon gas in the house

Some factors can affect the presence of radon gas in your house as mentioned below:

  • Location– In the United States, there are some regions where radon gas is present in higher amounts than other areas. If your home is located in such regions, you are likely to have it in your house. However, you should not think that if your house is in other areas, it is risk-free. You should get the testing done from time to time.
  • Condition of your house– If your house has several cracks, breakages in the ceiling and roof, you are likely to experience the presence of radon gas within and in the surroundings.
  • Type of foundation– Likewise, if the soil type of your house is such that it permits the gas to enter the house, the risks are on the higher side.
  • Water in the house– If the supply of the water is coming from the well water, you are likely to have radon in your house. This is because, well water is one of the sources of this gas in the house.

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Testing your house for radon gas

The company that you contact for testing the house for this gas can provide you with the following options of testing:

Short-term test kit- These kits are easily available in the hardware stores in your local market. Most of them come with the instruction to place the device for testing. However, they may not give the accurate results as the professionals.

Long-term testing kit- You need to keep the testing kit in your house for about two days. After this, you can send the reading to the testing company and they will analyze the results.

If the levels of radon gas are high in your home, the company will analyze the house properly to figure out where they can install the radon mitigation system.

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