Practical Guide To Starting An Event Venue Business

By Albert Howard

Event venues are large spaces that can be used to host different types of festivities and occasions. What makes this a lucrative business venture is that businesses and individuals need proper spaces to host their social or corporate events all the time, and someone needs to provide the venue. 

Opening an event venue can be a great business opportunity, especially when you keep track of the emerging trends within the industry. If you need help with creating a winning plan we are here to share essential tips that will ensure a successful start for your business.

Create a business plan

When you start a business, there is much to do. To make sure you don’t miss anything, you need to make smart decisions and create a winning event venue business plan. This plan will include your idea, short-term and longer-term goals, marketing strategies, and financial plans.

If you are not an expert in crafting a winning business plan, you can always use a template. A good business plan will allow you to not only execute the actions necessary to open your event venue, but also help you run your business effectively long-term.

Pay attention to the competition

There are likely other venues in your area that offer the same or similar services to what you have in mind. Even if your vision is clear, it’s important to do research on your competitors and refine your ideas before you enter the initial phase of your business. This will help you stand out, identify a selling point, pick a location, and determine your target market. It can also help you set realistic goals for your business.

Plan your finances

You will need to buy or rent a space, renovate it, and purchase equipment, furniture, and decorations in order to start an event venue business. This requires substantial capital investment. However, you should not invest unless you have enough capital to cover your expenses.

To give your business the best chance of success, you need to account for the initial investment and make sure you have enough money to cover operating expenses once you get clients. These expenses can include marketing, insurance, utility bills, cleaning, etc.

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Find the right space

The venue you choose is an important factor in your business’ success. You must decide the space size, its capacity, and whether it will be rented or purchased, or built from scratch. You can choose the location that is most suitable for your event depending on what you are looking to host.

Remember that comfort and convenience are the main factors that drive growth. Most prospects don’t want to travel too far to their offices or homes, so it’s best to locate the venue in a residential or commercial area.

Set the pricing

Apart from renting the space by the hour, it is important to determine costs for additional services such as catering, entertainment, decoration, taking photographs and videos, transportation, etc.

Furthermore, you will have to inform your clients that if damage occurs during their event, they will be responsible for the repair costs. In addition, you need to consider getting the right insurance right from the start for your event venue.

Get the necessary permits and licenses

You should consult your local authorities before you open your business. Also, make sure you are familiar with all the legal requirements. This includes registering your company and obtaining all permits and licenses.

Registering your company will largely depend on your preferences. If you want to enjoy complete freedom, go for a sole proprietorship. On the other hand, if you want to protect yourself in the case the business fails, opt for LLC.

Prioritize Marketing

When you have created a plan and are ready to start your business, it is important to ensure that the right people know about it. A winning marketing strategy is a must. Both traditional and digital marketing channels can be used to promote your venue.

You should find a marketing agency that understands your business goals and objectives. On top of that, make sure you have a great website and make use of social media to promote it.


Even though event venues can be extremely profitable, it’s hard to get them up and running.  It is important to research the market, find the right place for your venue, and invest in a good marketing strategy. The steps we shared will help you plan, prepare and build your business the right way. 

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