How is immunotherapy different from other types of cancer treatments?  

By Albert Howard

The Healthcare industry has got advanced over the last decades, and there are various new treatments introduced for treating cancer. With the help of technology and innovations, medical science is constantly researching the best possible treatments for the patients. In the recent years, Immunotherapy has turned into an undeniably accessible and imperative disease treatment choice for cancer. Many patients that are getting aware about immunotherapy want to know – how immunotherapy is different from traditional treatments of cancer such as chemotherapy? What are the primary distinctions between the two medicines? When would it be advisable to choose immunotherapy over chemotherapy? Read the blog to get answers to these raising questions. Although it’s advisable to take guidance from the best immunotherapy hospital in India, it is also important for patients to understand their treatment deeply and choose wisely.  

What is immunotherapy? 

Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment that strengthens the patient’s own immune system to battle against cancer cells. It works towards enhancing the natural defense system of the body and empowers it to fight against the disease. It prepares the immune system to recognize, attack, and eliminate cancer sense cells from the body. 

Immunotherapy is effective in both the ways when given alone to the patient or when combined with other cancer treatments. It has proactively been demonstrated to be an effective therapy for patients, making it the most encouraging new cancer treatment. 

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What is chemotherapy? 

Chemotherapy is a drug treatment that works directly on the cancer cells and kills them throughout the body. It targets the fast-multiplying abnormal cells and effectively controls the growth of tumors inside the body. Chemotherapy can be given alone or in mix with other medical procedures, such as radiation therapy or immunotherapy. 

What is the key difference between the two? 

Chemotherapy acts directly on the cancerous cells and tumors, while immunotherapy acts on the immune system of the body. Unlike chemotherapy, immunotherapy takes part in the functioning of the body and boosts the immune system. It prepares the immune system to identify and destroy cancer cells. It also reduces the chance of recurrence of cancer in the future as the immune system is prepared and helps the body resist cancer.  

What are the different side effects of immunotherapy vs. Chemotherapy? 

  • Side effects of Chemotherapy 

As chemotherapy is focused on eliminating cancerous tumors from the body, it attacks fast-multiplying cells within the body, which might include both cancerous and non-cancerous cells. Along with cancerous cells, chemotherapy also happens to attack healthy cells, such as hair follicles and the lining of the gut. This leads to some of the most common side effects of chemotherapy: hair loss and nausea. 

  • Side effects of Immunotherapy 

On the other hand, immunotherapy is focused on improving the immune system of the body, the potential side effects of immunotherapy include overstimulated or misdirected immune response. The response could be normal to severe, which could cause life-threatening conditions.  

Immunotherapy vs. chemotherapy: How effective is each treatment? 

Talking about the effectiveness, chemotherapy therapy impacts as long as the medications stay in the body. While immunotherapy, being one of the most thrilling and ground-breaking cancer treatments, is able to give long-term protection from cancer because of the immune system’s capacity to perceive and recall what cancer cells look like. This powerful memory of the immune system helps make long-lasting suspension possible. Clinical research has shown that immunotherapy is a very effective and durable treatment that remains effective even after the treatment is terminated. Also, some proof has uncovered that specific sorts and portions of chemotherapy can improve resistant reactions against growths, thus giving a reason to combine both the treatments for better results.  

The pledge of immunotherapy 

Every patient must consult with their oncologist and healthcare team to decide the best cancer treatment for different types of cancer. Be it chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or a combination of both treatments. The aim is to understand the difference between chemotherapy and immunotherapy so as to make a well-informed decision.  

Whether or not it’s the right choice of treatment for the patients, spreading the awareness regarding the advanced science helps the research team to continue its research on a better cure. Practicing the successful approach towards immunotherapy, Cancer Healer Center is one of the leading Immunotherapy hospitals in India. It ensures the best treatment and best medical facilities for cancer patients. 

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