What is the exact difference between Big Data, Data Science & Data Analytics?

what-is-the-exact-difference-between-big-data-data-science-data-analytics Today’s world revolves around data. “Without data, you are just another person with an opinion,” says late American engineer W. Edwards Deming while describing the necessity of data in the contemporary business environment. In this dynamic and competitive business industry, data is considered the new oil to run a company smoothly and successfully. Now … Read more

Role of Decision Making in Business administration

role-of-decision-making-in-business-administration Decisions play a crucial role in determining managerial and organisational activities. It can be defined as an action plan that is developed purposely from a set of alternatives that will aid a company to reach its managerial goals and objectives. Decision-making is an indispensable component of every organization, and it sustains the overall performance … Read more

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