Shoes to Have in Your Wardrobe

By Juliet D'cruz

While it’s critical to prepare your wardrobe for suiting, shirts, and casual wear essentials, no outfit is perfect without the right shoes. We’ll go through both formal and sophisticated casual shoes that each and every aspiring handsome gentleman should own in our comprehensive guide to necessary shoes for men.

Yes, it is correct. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort finding the right suit, and you’re prepared to make an impact on the big day — whether it’s for a business meeting or your own wedding! However, the elusive question stays in the background, always visible but never totally resolved. What shoes should I wear with this dreadful suit? What color and style of footwear would look best with my outfit so that I could put my foot forward?

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In recent years, Oxford Whole-Cut, has become a gentleman’s wardrobe essential. This dress shoe has a basic, elegant shape with no back seam and is made from one piece of leather. Because a whole-cut is made from one piece of leather, this is a genuinely one-of-a-kind shoe that is very delicate.

Because the shoe is made of a single leather, it must go through a strict manufacturing procedure. Oxford Whole-Cuts are often seen in higher-end shoe stores because of this.

Oxford Whole-Cuts have a tight lace system, which means the shoelaces are secured beneath the vamp. This, paired with the one-piece construction, resulting in a pair of shoes that is exceptionally sleek and exquisite, and therefore is better saved for more formal occasions or black tie situations.

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Loafers are a type of slip-on shoe with a decorative section. A plain band, a strap with such a slit (penny loafer), or a metal decoration could be used (bit loafer).

The first loafers, with Norweigian roots, appeared in the 1930s. Fishermen in Northern Europe wore a slip-on form of shoe resembling a moccasin, which swiftly gained popular as men began to migrate from boots to everyday smart casual attire. It wasn’t until the 1960s that American lawyers and businessmen began to wear loafers to work on a regular basis.

A bit loafer, that featured a metal band across the forefoot of the shoe, was first introduced by Gucci in 1966. Gucci’s revelation elevated the loafer footwear to a new level of formal use, and at the very least, made more professional settings a possibility.

Years later, penny loafers were created, and they are now regarded a more informal option that may be worn either chinos or slim-fit jeans for lunch or perhaps an evening out.

As previously stated, penny loafers have a slit opening on the strap. Penny loafers’ comfort of wear and casual classy mood make them the ideal choice for getting dressed up while dressing down — effortlessly creating a calm, elegant look! Who wouldn’t want something like that?


Chelsea Boots, also referred as Jodhur Boots, , or Dealer Boots, are close-fitting ankle boots with an elastic back panel. This elastic back panel is a crucial component, allowing for easy wear and slipping in and out.

The Chelsea Boot seems to be a fantastic example of how casual and business collide. They’re a great method to add particular technological to your wardrobe because they’re halfway between shoes and dress shoes.

Chelsea boots come in a variety of styles. Leather Shoes are appropriate for more formal occasions, such as Friday night cocktails, although suede Chelsea boot can be worn at any time!


Chukka boots have a long athletic and military heritage, and are now a must-have in every smart gentleman’s collection.

Chukka Boots are ankle-high boots with an open system in a timely and 2 or 3 pairs of eyelets, often made of calf leather.

Chukka Boots were inspired by the veldskoen (‘field shoes’), a South African walking shoe design first introduced in the 17th century by European colonists in South Africa. Because these shoes were simple to make, light weight, and incredibly durable, they immediately became popular and were worn by people of all classes and occupations – often without socks! The British Army popularised the Chukka Boot even further during World War II, earning it the nickname “Desert Boot.”

While chukka boots come in a variety of styles, a true chukka boot must have a few distinguishing traits. The front of the shoe should hit the ankle, there should be two or three eyelets, and the toe box should be rounded.

Chukka Boots also have a unique two-part design (as opposed to the usual one-piece), with a folding over appearance on the front of the shoe where the ties converge. Chukka boots usually have a crepe or ar unlined or leather sole.

Dark denim or chinos go best with Chukka Boots. To avoid colour clashes, it is critical to select the suitable colour of trousers. Wear a leather jacket for a more rougher style, while a pea coat will give some formality to the ensemble.


Boat shoes, with their moccasin-like, loafer-like appearance, are ideal for summer. Boat shoes include a rubber sole for better traction and provide the highest water protection (surprise!). The laces that run around the topside of the shoe are a crucial distinguishing characteristic of boat shoes. While these laces were originally intended to be useful, they are now mostly used for decoration in most modern boat shoes. Boat shoes look best with shorts, but they can also be worn with chinos if the bottom of your pants has a taper. Boat shoes are best worn with no-show liner socks or without socks. Boat shoes, once broken in, fit to your feet and become a really comfortable option.

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