No Code Tools Are Changing Marketing

By Juliet D'cruz

No code tools are a startup’s best friend. It would be safe to say that no code tools have saved quite a bit of money andtime when it comes to considering marketing from a start-up entrepreneur’s viewpoint. One of the best online tools would be Google Forms, which is an excellent tool to gather information and data with regard to customer feedback. In a time-conscious world, no-code tools can help speed up new marketing initiatives that are time specific. Additionally there is the opportunity to automate processes and drive growth. Plenty of future-driven start-ups are using these no code tools.

Webflow and are just two options that should be seriously considered when it comes to creating landing pages which are optimised for SEO. Tilda and Carrd are two more alternatives. The fact that these tools are intuitive and offer an excellent user interface, and a great user experience makes the process of creating assets for marketing a breeze. What is interesting to note is that these platforms have a smartphone App as well which makes access to content very easy. There is no doubt that an App prototype will complement any idea with regard to creating a fully fledged application.

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Elegant Media is an award-winning App developer that has worked across many industries to carve out an impressive niche in the technology sector, and ensure that businesses thrive. Mobile App design is not only trendy but also very important for current day business. Creating a tool that can help all types of enterprise entities is not an easy feat. But it is certainly something that can be considered as a start-up driven business plan. ​​The future appears to be run by these tools that do not require any coding knowledge. For example, consider the meteoric rise of Canva and how successful they have become.

We know that social media is a very important part of marketing. This is where tools like Airtable can be used for campaign management, account management, lead management, social media content dissemination, product launches and even hiring of new talent. No code tools have filled in the gap that only created a great deal of inconvenience for start-up founders who have wanted to have a seamless and intuitive marketing plan to drive growth for their products and services. With everything reaching a level of automation, the whole domain of marketing will only benefit more intuitive tools that have no need or requirement for coding knowledge.

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