The Importance of Counseling In Schools

By Juliet D'cruz

Young students are often the most neglected in terms of counseling. The reason is that most educational institutes only focus on educational guidance, while the students’ mental health is overlooked. In such an environment, students keep suffering without uttering a word and later transform into dysfunctional adults. Their mental health declines, and they become unable to concentrate on their education and perform to the best of their abilities. In addition to that, they also lose confidence and develop anxiety, which can become an obstacle in their ambitions. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss some points to shed light on the importance of counseling in schools and how it positively affects students and their performance.

  1. Improve Student Academic Performance 

Mental health problems pose a great issue for students, and these issues can greatly impact their productivity. Therefore, whether or not a student’s mental health is well is what decides their future and success. If the student is suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other mental health issues, it can cause them to lose motivation and fail. Therefore, it is important to make mental health counseling resources available to all resources to ensure their success.

  1. Help Them Deal With Trauma 

Trauma is not limited to terrorization or living through natural disasters. In fact, traumas can generate from many different sources, from events that take place in personal lives to major events such as a pandemic. To help students deal with such traumas, schools should hire counselors that have a specialized degree, such as a school counseling master’s degree in crisis and trauma. Dealing with students who are traumatized is a delicate matter. Hence, this job is best for professionals who have expertise in this field, especially since it has become a necessity in this day and age after the pandemic. 

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  1. Support Students’ Mental Well-Being 

The school can be a stressful environment for growing students, especially in the current post-pandemic conditions. As young students return to school, they will have to deal with a variety of issues. These issues require professional intervention, as their mental well-being can no longer be ignored. Therefore, providing staff, faculty, and students with tools that can help them manage their emotional and mental well-being can create a supportive environment in the school. Moreover, counseling will help them settle in the post-pandemic world and learn to cope with the issues that hinder their life.

  1. Ability To Change Problematic Behavior 

Often students develop problematic behaviors due to varying reasons. This behavior impacts their lives negatively and poses a problem to others too. Students who have problematic behaviors can harm themselves and others around them, including other students, the staff, and their friends and family. Hence, intervention is necessary in such cases so that the counselor can help these students deal with the root causes of these issues. 

  1. Increase The Student’s Confidence 

Many bright, young minds often wither away because they lack the confidence to perform. They are either dealing with anxiety or other confidence issues that prevent them from participating in school or taking the initiative. As a result, such students never fully get to unleash their true academic potential, which can impact their future. They also miss out on many beneficial opportunities that could help them progress in life. Therefore, counseling is necessary for such students who need a confidence boost in their life. Counseling such students will help them eliminate their issues with anxiety, self-esteem issues, other similar problems and help them feel more certain and stronger about their abilities. 

  1. Improves Communication And Interpersonal Skills 

One of the main issues students face is that they lack proper communicational skills. They find themselves unable to properly express themselves to their peers. This can cause issues further in life in their personal relationships and careers if they lack communication and interpersonal skills. However, counseling can help the students learn methods that can help them express themselves better. They can learn how to express their needs and desires clearly and appropriately. Moreover, they can learn valuable interpersonal skills such as listening skills, negotiation skills, problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, etc. They can learn how to socialize and build a network successfully. These important skills will help these students find more opportunities and achieve progress in their careers.

In this day and age, counseling for students has become a necessity. The reason is that the schools concentrate on grooming children into responsible, functional, and happy adults who excel in their field, and such a task can be stressful for students. That goal is only achievable if the schools concentrate on providing educational and mental counseling to students. Only then will students be able to overcome their trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and other issues. As a result, they will be able to perform well academically and in extracurricular activities.

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