Impress Treatments: How to correct dental crowding?

By Albert Howard

Dental crowding, also known as “crowded teeth”, is one of the most common problems with the position and alignment of teeth and the main reason why people go to the orthodontist. We give you all the details about the origins and the different Impress alternatives available to treat overlapping teeth from childhood to adulthood.

What is dental crowding?

Tooth crowding is a malposition due to a lack of space in the gum to contain all the teeth. This causes the teeth to be crowded together.

It is important to note that dental overcrowding is not only an aesthetic problem, it is also considered a health problem, as crowded teeth are more difficult to clean.

What are the risks of not treating crowded teeth?

  • Poor dental hygiene: it is more difficult to access all areas of the teeth and to floss correctly, which leads to the creation of bacterial plaque, in turn favouring the appearance of caries and tartar. It is important to remember that plaque is responsible for bad breath.
  • In the most severe cases where dental hygiene is difficult, the patient may end up suffering from diseases such as inflammation of the gums, among others.
  • Enamel and teeth wear down and deteriorate more quickly.
  • Overcrowding can also lead to more severe occlusion problems.

Treatments for dental crowding according to the age of the patient

To begin orthodontic treatment, a preliminary study must be carried out to ensure that there are no gum problems that could be complicated by orthodontics.

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Treatment for children

In terms of treatment for dental crowding in children, a first visit to the orthodontist is recommended from the age of 6 years, to check the development of the teeth and jaw bones. If your orthodontist detects a problem before all the permanent teeth have erupted, such as a jaw that is too narrow, he or she will recommend starting interceptive orthodontic treatment for your child.

This is a type of orthodontics specifically for children who do not yet have all their permanent teeth. It intervenes in the development of the maxillary bones, and in this case, it treats the lack of space from an early age, with the use of specific appliances.Interceptive orthodontics to treat crowded teeth in children is especially necessary if the crowding is due to a too narrow jaw or a palate problem.

Clear aligners for teenagers and adults by Impress

Once the permanent teeth have erupted, at around the age of 12, corrective orthodontics can be used. There are many types of orthodontics, to correct dental crowding, depending on the needs and budget of each patient.

Invisible aligners can treat normal to complex cases. In addition, removable invisible orthodontics have many advantages over braces and other types of orthodontics, as they are made of a transparent medical plastic, the aesthetics are not affected, as the aligners go unnoticed when you smile.

Thanks to this advantage, it is the perfect choice for people who work in front of the public or whose image is very important for their career, such as actors or actresses. One of the great advantages of invisible aligners, as we have already mentioned, is that they are removable, so we can take them out to eat, clean them, etc. You may check some creative dental marketing ideas for more dental treatment needed.

The aligners are easy to remove and clean. You only need a brush, water and neutral soap to keep them clean. Oral hygiene is also facilitated thanks to the fact that you will have better access to all the corners of your mouth, as you will only have to remove the aligners to brush your teeth.

Why choose invisible orthodontics to improve your smile? 

The smile is one of the first things we see about someone, so it is not surprising that more and more people are opting to use invisible orthodontics to improve their smile. Impress specialises in this type of orthodontics, with the philosophy of combining health and aesthetics to achieve the best smiles. 

It is true that invisible orthodontics is something relatively new, as until recently the most commonly used system for correcting teeth were the typical metal brackets. 

Invisible orthodontics aligns teeth perfectly through the use of transparent guides. To achieve this, the first thing to do is to have a consultation, in which x-rays and scans of the whole mouth will be taken, which will allow the orthodontist to define the digital mould of our mouth. Once the mould has been made, the different transparent aligners will be designed and the patient will have to change them as the treatment progresses.

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