Avoid the Spam Folder With These 4 Tips

By Albert Howard

Landing in a spam folder is every email marketer’s worst nightmare. And for a good reason. So much time, money, and effort goes into every email campaign, and landing in the junk folder means that you failed.

So, let’s talk about email deliverability. Specifically, let’s see what that is, and what are four things you can do to avoid the spam folder once and for all.

What is Email Deliverability?

Email deliverability represents the success of your email marketing campaigns in terms of landing in your recipients’ inboxes. It depends on many factors, like bounce rates, spam reports, the number of unsubscribes, etc.

Bad email deliverability means your emails will bounce or end up in a spam folder. While good deliverability means that your emails were sent and delivered correctly.

What Can You Do to Maximize Deliverability?

Good question! Let’s check out these four tips that will surely keep you out of the junk folders.

Consistency Is the Key

If you decide to send emails twice per week, the best would be to keep that schedule for the foreseeable future. Sometimes, you’ll need to email users to notify them of new promotions, webinars, events, or whatever else.

But, the general rule of thumb is that inconsistencies in email volume can lead to spamming. So, ensure that your email schedule is as consistent as possible.

Clean Your Lists Regularly

Email lists can get stale within a few times, you know this from your example. How many times have you subscribed to a list, and then stop reading emails after a few weeks? The same thing is happening with your readers.

In this case, we recommend that you track open rates (and send revival campaigns from time to time), but you should also get software that can check all your contacts and ensure they’re still viable.

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Avoid Spammy Content

This goes for the subject lines, the previews, as well as the content of the email itself.

In the subject lines, you should avoid using spammy techniques like adding RE: or FWD: at the beginning. Also, try avoiding writing everything in capital letters, and using spam triggering words like Free, Fast cash, Order Now, etc.

Use Double Opt-in for All Your Lists

Using a double opt-in option for all your subscribers ensures that you have an email list of people who want to be your subscribers. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it means that once somebody submits their email, they’ll get a confirmation message in which they need to click on a button or a link to confirm their subscription.

A lot of countries are also implementing stricter data protection laws, and some require you to be able to prove that each of your subscribers wanted to be on your list. Double opt-in is the perfect way to keep those records.

Wrapping Up

We can keep talking about email deliverability and what goes into it for days – that’s how many factors there are. But, these are four main factors every marketer should know if they want to avoid landing in the junk folder.

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