Having Trouble Deleting PDF Pages? Don’t Worry, PDFBear’s Got You!

By Juliet D'cruz

Never thought to be in a situation where you have to delete PDF file pages? If you’re a teacher, you can relate to the need to send activity sheets to learners, without sending them the answer key. So you have to nip out those extra pages. In submitting research projects or dissertations, students also need to make a quick fix and omit pages. All creative professionals and individuals who are in the last step in polishing their files have those last-minute changes to do and need to delete pages from their work.  These all become relatable for someone who needs to change their PDF file before presenting or sharing it. 

But how do you delete pages from a PDF file? Editing and managing PDF files is a bit tedious and challenging especially during urgent moments that demand these tasks to be accomplished. Some admit that it took them forever to figure it out and had to do it manually through different internet sources. In dire times we need an easy, simple, but reliable solution, and when it comes to PDF there is only one website and that is PDFBear. 

Delete Pages From PDF

So before your eyes bleed from searching the net far and wide for the best Service as a Solution when it comes to PDF, I’ll save you from all that strain. I will lead you to PDFBears simple steps to delete pages from pdf below, as you will find on their website once you visit it

  1. 1. Choose the PDF or Drag & Drop the file that you would like to modify and remove pages from.
  2. Select or enter the page(s) you do not want or are not necessary and simply click APPLY CHANGES.
  3. 3. Apply changes and wait for the newly updated PDF file.
  4. Click “Download” or share your file to your Google Drive or Dropbox.

Make it easy with PDFBear 

It’s not every day that you will find solutions to simple tasks or even encounter an immensely helpful website, especially during tight deadlines and hectic schedules. 

But you have to save your applause because that’s not the only task PDFBear can do. PDFBear can also help you with the following:

Convert to Different File Formats

PDFBear knows that deleting pages from PDF is not the only task that is hard to accomplish. People are also looking for a file converter to and from PDF files. PDFBear knows how to do it, and can assure you that every file will produce quality output. So if you have documents in Excel, PPT, PNG, JPEG, or HTML, you don’t have to worry about distorting the format or acquiring viruses. PDFBear has a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL that encrypts all data coming into their server. This security level is to assure that your data is protected from hackers on the net.  

File Organization

PDFBear also provides tools to organize your PDF files. When it needs merging, splitting, and deleting PDF pages you can rely on PDFBear to make it easy for you. In every option and tool, you are able to organize your files in just a couple of clicks. 

Manage Your Files

The PDF format is the best format to use when you want to make files easier to send, share, and save, it is also the most secure. But even though PDFs are already compact, you can still save more space by compressing them to a smaller size. To do so, you only need a reliable compressor tool from PDFBear. Your files will take up less space in your storage. If you also have PDF files with damaged pages, you can also upload the file and have PDFBear repair it for you. For additional elements to make your files official, formal, and ready to share, PDFBear has the right set of tools. With the view and edit tools, you can edit, view, add watermarks, page numbers, and e-signatures. You can also create shareable links to your files to make sharing easier.  

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File Protection

Protection is also key when sharing files, that’s why PDFBear offers password encryption to ensure that your files will be accessible only to those who are authorized.  

Key Takeaway

Once you try all the tools in-store in PDFBear, you’ll declare it as a lifesaver. With PDFBear dealing with software, your files will be edited at its finest. You can easily look at those assignments and projects knowing that you got them under control. So every time you have a last-minute task or decision, you will surely be confident to execute them. So when your fellow students or co-workers start to notice how you easily do those tasks without fussing about it, share PDFBear. Start sharing PDFBear and visit their website to explore more file editing tools.  

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