Converting Excel to PDF? Do It Easily with GogoPDF!

By Juliet D'cruz

Converting files into different formats can be tricky. There is a big chance that the contents of your files will be distorted, and the fonts and structure will be changed. When it comes to Excel files, the placement and contents are very important, you cannot turn a blind eye. Excel files tabulate data, plan schedules, track goals, and many more. Excel files carry information neatly placed and categorized. These files depend on structure and formatting to be comprehensible. So a column out of place, a structure that is distorted or content that is not converted properly, is a major pain in the head. If you want to avoid that jumbled-up situation, we suggest you convert your Excel with the help of GogoPDF. 

Convert Your Excel File to PDF

Dealing with Excel can be extremely stressful, especially when it’s not your file. You are careful with making sure that everything’s in place. To help you out, go to GogoPDF’s website and click the Excel to PDF conversion tool, and you will see these simple steps laid down: 

  1. Select the Excel Spreadsheet you want to convert and upload it to their website, or you can also simply drag and drop your files. 
  2. GogoPDF will start the conversion process once it detects your file.
  3. Wait for your file. It will only take minutes for the conversion to be done. 
  4. After that, you can either download the new PDF version of your Excel file or share it through your social media account. 

GogoPDF’s Other Awesome Features

Once your Excel File is successfully converted into PDF, you can do more for your PDF file to be more secure, presentable, downloadable, etc. GogoPDF has many tricks up its sleeve to make users get the best out of their PDF files! With easy-to-use tools down below all in one place, you will surely find their website a relief from other online tools that you already tried but failed. 

  • Convert and Compress

Besides being able to convert Excel, Word, HTML, JPG, PT to PDF, GogoPDF can also repair damaged PDF files. You don’t have to discard those damaged PDF files, they can still be saved from the bin. With GogoPDF’s repair tool, those files can still be salvaged. If you also have files that are heavy for you to share or send, you can compress these PDF files to make them lighter and consume less space. 

  • Split and Merge

Another PDF task that you can easily do with GogoPDF is splitting and merging pages. If you have files that need to be segregated into different parts or want to combine different PDF files, then GogoPDF has splitting and merging tools for you to use to do just that. You will be swiftly slicing away excess pages and dividing PDF pages like how Moses did with the Red Sea. 

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  • Convert From PDF

While we mostly find ourselves converting files to the reliable, compact, PDF format, there is also a need to convert PDF files into different file formats. Converting them into their original forms will often help us extract information, text, images from the file and make it easier to edit them. So if you want to remodel a PDF file and find that there are some areas for improvement, then converting them with GogoPDF’s help to their raw form will be the first step. 

  • View and Edit

But with PDF files that have minor errors, a few typographical mistakes over here and there, and lacking few elements to make it better, GogoPDF has Edit and View tools to smoothen it out. View and edit tools can rotate, and delete pages from your PDF. You can also add pages to your file and share your work via a link that will let end users download your work easily. 

  • Sign and Secure Your PDFs

And finally, GogoPDF has tools to secure and protect your files. With their tools you can add e-signature and watermarks to create a stamp of officiality. If you have PDF files that you encrypted with passwords way back and want to get rid of the password requirement, you can easily remove passwords with GogoPDF’s unlock tools. 


So if you’re looking for the best place to polish, arrange and secure your PDF files, after you convert your files to PDF, then GogoPDF is the best choice. With GogoPDF, you will experience that working with PDF will be easy, hassle-free, and swift like never before. So after converting your Excel, and seeing that all contents are intact, you will surely not get enough of having a reliable software companion. If you find GogoPDF is top-notch compared to other websites, be sure to share with your boss, friends, or classmates. You’ll help them with their work tasks when you share this website for them to use. 

Try it out for yourself today and make your tasks easier for work, school, and other digital document needs. 

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