A Brief Guide on Azure Cloud Migration Services

By Juliet D'cruz

Azure Cloud Migration Services is one of the best of tools that Microsoft offers. Microsoft Azure cloud services has become the No. 2 cloud provider after Amazon Web Services. If you are considering moving to the cloud, Azure Migration Services is your best bet. 

Depending on your expectations from cloud migration, the process can be straightforward or complex. Azure cloud migration services include various tools that will give users better insights into the migration results. 

This post compiles a go-to guide on Azure Cloud Migration Services. 

What Is Azure Cloud Migration Services? 

Azure migration services is a tool that can help enterprises simplify, guide, and automate cloud migration to Azure. It efficiently migrates your schema, objects, and data from multiple sources to the cloud. 

The tool also supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB migration to Azure from clouds and on-premises. This migration service has near-zero downtime and offers highly reliable outcomes. 

Benefits of Azure Cloud Migration Services 

There are multiple benefits of opting for Azure Cloud Migration Services. We’ve enlisted a few below: 

  • Easy and quick scalability 
  • Pay as you utilize 
  • High ROI
  • Decreased infrastructure costs 
  • Decreased maintenance and IT management cost
  • High standards of global data security 

What Does Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Services Entail? 

Microsoft Azure migration services follows a four-step migration process. Below, we’ve given a gist of the process. However, the process will involve different elements and might be more complex than you initially thought. 

  • Assess: Mapping and analyzing on-premises applications 
  • Migrate:  Refactor, rehost, rebuild, and re-architect applications to Azure Cloud 
  • Optimize: save, analyze, and reinvest the resources 
  • Secure and Manage: Secure applications and data with Azure tools 

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Things to Consider Before Azure Cloud Migration Services  

This guide will also help you make sure that Azure is the right choice for cloud migration. Below are a few pointers to consider for the same: 

  • Make sure to consider the dependencies of applications and servers before migration. You can equip network analysis to detect system traffic to find the bandwidth requirement for workloads migrating to the cloud. 
  • The best part about Microsoft Azure is its BYOL policy. The Azure developers will guide you concerning licensing positions and how you can save with optimizations. 
  • Azure Information Protection protects all the data you move to Azure cloud. 
  • You can continue using your existing monitoring software in case you desire a hybrid solution. In such hybrid setups, Azure acts as an extension. 
  • A perfect cloud migration plan requires provisions to continue workload protection. Azure is apt for replicated data and also for securing production instances. 

Final Words 

In a nutshell, Azure cloud migration services can help you escalate your business and introduce countless opportunities. Microsoft Azure will effortlessly fit in with both hybrid and complete cloud infrastructure. 

The four-step migration process with Azure Migration Services will save your business plenty of hassles. The robust global data security standards are what sets Azure apart from other cloud migration services. 

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