3 Best beginner off-road trails in South Africa

By Juliet D'cruz

South Africa is the perfect place to explore with its stunning scenery and plentiful off-road trails. 

Here we’ll look at 3 of the best beginner trails that are sure to get your heart racing and provide a unique experience.

  1. The Baviaanskloof Trail

The Baviaanskloof trail is one of the most popular off-road routes in South Africa, located near Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth). It offers breathtaking views of rugged mountains, rolling hills and lush indigenous forests as you wind your way down dirt tracks and rocky mountain passes. This route has something for everyone, from challenging technical sections through to wide open plains where you can test your speed and agility. 

  • Length: Approximately 200km 
  • Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate 
  • Highlights: Jaw-dropping scenery, technical sections, wildlife sightings
  1. The Kalahari Trail 

The Kalahari Trail is situated in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa and provides some of the most unique off-roading experiences in the country. Here you’ll find a wide range of terrain from sandy dunes to rocky hills and everything in between! This route offers plenty of challenges for all levels of driver, but it’s particularly popular amongst beginners thanks to its long stretches of open terrain that allow you to practice your skills without any major obstacles. 

  • Length: Approximately 500km 
  • Difficulty: Beginner – Intermediate 
  • Highlights: Sandy dunes, rocky hills, challenging technical sections 
  1. The Garden Route Trail

Last but not least, we have the Garden Route trail which takes you along some of South Africa’s most pristine coastline with breathtaking views over ancient forests and secluded beaches. Along this route you can also expect to come across some challenging technical sections as well as steep inclines that will push your driving skills to the limit, make sure your car is ready for the drive or save yourself the maintenance by hiring a car from reputable companies like Drive South Africa! This is a great trail for those looking for a unique experience that combines off-roading with some of South Africa’s best natural beauty. 

  • Length: Approximately 300km 
  • Difficulty: Beginner – Advanced 
  • Highlights: Jaw-dropping scenery, challenging terrain, pristine beaches 

Are you ready to explore some of South Africa’s most stunning off-road trails? With these 3 beginner routes, you can experience the thrill of off-roading without having to worry about tackling too many tricky sections. So why not hire a car today and get out there – you won’t be disappointed! Whether you want to take on the Baviaanskloof Trail or head towards the Kalahari Desert, there are plenty of options available that will give you an unforgettable adventure.

It’s also important to be prepared for the challenges that you may encounter on these trails. Make sure to bring plenty of water, food, and other supplies, and let someone know your plans and route in case of an emergency. It’s also a good idea to have a basic understanding of vehicle maintenance and repair, as well as first aid, in case you encounter any problems while on the trail.

Make sure to have the necessary safety equipment and communication devices with you while on the trail. This can include items such as a spare tire, jack, and lug wrench, as well as a first aid kit and a satellite phone or two-way radio for emergency communication. It’s also a good idea to have a GPS device or map of the area, as well as a compass and a flashlight.

Overall, South Africa offers some incredible off-road trails that are perfect for beginners and more experienced drivers alike. With a little planning and preparation, you can have a safe and memorable adventure in this beautiful country.