Work and Travel Is Not Just For US Now With Remote Working 

By Albert Howard

When the pandemic started, people adopted the remote working system in a way they were not used to. Since then, there has been a great rise in this working system as companies and many employees have switched to remote work. Along with this rise, there has also been an increase in digital nomads. According to NordLayer’s remote work research, digital nomads can now see the scores of almost each country that is suitable for both remote work and travel and choose the best option for their lifestyles. 

It is possible to say that there are many benefits of working in this system, especially for digital nomads. According to research, having a flexible schedule was cited as the top perk of working remotely by 67 percent of respondents in 2022, making it the main perk across the board. The ability to work from wherever came in second.

By establishing a work-life balance with remote work, digital nomads can realize their dreams of traveling while working remotely. Those who want to travel the world and live in different countries can make their wishes come true thanks to the job opportunities that allow them to work remotely.

What Is Digital Nomad?

While digital nomads manage their lives without being tied to a specific place, they are called people whose working systems are remote. It is a way of doing business rather than a profession. As a digital nomad, it is possible to continue your work life from any location. The only thing you need is your equipment such as a computer, tablet, and phone that you will use.

Working as a digital nomad has many benefits. Some of these can be listed as working efficiently with flexible working hours, keeping up with innovations and changes, managing your time, expanding your social circle, and working more comfortably.

This concept has had a great impact on the business life and career of many people. If you want to work as a digital nomad, you can check out the best countries to travel to by working remotely, which we have listed below for you.

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One of the best features of Germany is that it provides freelance visas. With this visa, employees can get a residence permit from 6 months to 3 years. The only difficulty is that it takes a long time to get the permit. This country, which provides employment in many different sectors, also provides high levels of health and safety standards.

Moreover, according to German law, employers are required to provide all the equipment they need for their workers. Being a fully equipped employer reduces many costs. Besides, it is useful to know that the German court is obligatory to ensure the employer’s home office worker’s accident insurance.


Just like in Germany, in Lithuania, employers are obliged to meet all kinds of equipment and installation costs for their workers. Remote workers in Lithuania have flexible working hours rather than strict rules. In addition, since the entire organization is informed about the current remote working situations several times a year, employers will not be left behind in any development. 

According to Labor Cod in Lithuania, even if you work remotely, it is an absolute condition to protect the personal data of employees and not violate their privacy rights. In addition, although Lithuania is a small country, it is a very convenient and culturally rich country for working and traveling.


Every article of the Danish work environment regulation also applies to the remote work system. If employees comply with this, the business will run smoothly. The Danish government gives employees flexibility in many ways. For example, if employees want to work with their own equipment according to their wishes, it is allowed if it complies with certain standards. Denmark is one of the happiest countries to work remotely.

Denmark’s places to visit, its level of prosperity, and its economic situation make it an attractive country for remote workers. With its social life standards and high-level technology infrastructure, it is a country that is very convenient for both workings remotely and traveling. From many different perspectives such as rest, relaxation, security, and privacy, Denmark may be one of the suitable countries.


While traveling while working remotely or working remotely while traveling seems to have a complex structure in general, there are actually a few tips to handle it in the best way. The most important thing is to choose the place where you will work remotely while traveling, taking into account many factors. Since the country you will choose is no longer just the US, you should evaluate other countries in terms of their economic structure, legal rights, security, welfare level, and more.

The countries we mentioned above are highly preferred by digital nomads for work and travel remotely. Countries with a high level of development both socially and technologically are very suitable for working as digital nomads. If you want to travel by working remotely, the ideas you will get from this article will be useful in making your work easier.

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